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LPG offers the following benefits compared to other sources of energy:

Describes where LPG is superior to other fuels.
1. Energy Efficient:
LPG’s energy density (calorific value per unit mass) is higher than conventional fuels and there are no residues & un-burnt products of combustion making it a compact and energy efficient fuel.
2. Cost Efficient:
LPG is cost-effective compared to electricity, Diesel (HSD & LDO) & Petrol. It gives you savings in fuel bills as well as other associated costs.
3. Controllable:
Easy and accurate temperature control gives you superior product quality.
4. Clean & Environment friendly:
LPG gives a clean blue flame. This is because it does not produce harmful emissions like soot, smoke, un-burnt carbon particles and other obnoxious gases.
5. Reliable:
You need not worry about disruptions in fuel supply, choking of burner nozzles or stoppage due to power cuts.
6. Easy to operate & maintain:
The LPG combustion systems are much simpler to maintain owing to fewer accessories. It also does not require frequent cleaning. Guess what you gain as a result − fewer shutdowns and lower cost of maintenance & spares.
7. Improved Productivity:
LPG gives instant heat. Hence, the desired temperature is reached in quick time increasing the productivity.
8. No Handling Losses:
LPG is handled in closed, leak-proof systems ensuring that there are no spillages and other handling losses.
9. No contamination:
LPG or its products of combustion do not contaminate your product ensuring that your product is hygienic and of superior quality.
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