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The Gross Calorific value of our LPG is 11850 Kcals per Kg and Net calorific value is 10900 kcal/kg

Yes, there will be a difference depending on the composition. We supply Straight Run LPG ( SR Grade ) which is the best quality.

2 kg, 4 kg and 12 kg cylinders

You can decide it based on your need and usage. Ideally for more number of days of use before you order for a refill , 12 kg is recommended. However for space constraint, lower refill price at a single transaction, lower uses and mobility ;smaller cylinders of 2kg/4kg suits it better.

It would be mentioned on the cylinder stay plates. Stay plates are the vertical plates you see on the cylinder on which the VP ring is placed. For example in one of those stay plates , if you see D-22 , it implies this cylinder is due for testing in the 4th calendar quarter ( oct-dec)of 2022. New cylinders are tested after 7 years and used ones are due for testing once in 5 years . This is governed by the statutory guidelines of PESO.

No. As per Statutory guidelines we cannot exchange one brand cylinder with that of another brand because of safety and identifying parameters.

No. As per Statutory guidelines , regulators of private LPG suppliers are of different sizes than that of the PSU Oil companies. Thus it won't fit into the cylinders and hence cannot be used. The PSU Oil companies regular size is 24mm OD (outer diameter ) whereas private LPG suppliers have an OD of 22mm.

For our regulators , we offer a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects .

No. We do not sell regulators with out connections for safety and ethical prospective in the grey market .

As per Statutory guidelines all private LPG suppliers should have a different size and design in their cylinders than the Indane / HPCL/BPCL cylinders. That's why you would see 3 stay plates in PSU Cylinders whereas we have 4 and also the cylinder sizes are different .