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Yes, we use special grade steel for the cylinders so that it can withstand higher pressure and is completely safe for the customers.

LPG cylinders will not withstand fire whether it's our's or others.

Check for company seal, cylinder weight, Due date for testing ( marked as A/B/C/D followed by the last 2 digit of the year ; A stands for Quarter-1 , B for Quarter-2 , so on ) and leak check using soap solution method while receiving the filled cylinder. You can request the delivery boy to connect the cylinder to the lpg stove. In case of any help or safety issues , you can reach out to us immediately. We also share the safety leaflet at the time of issuing the new connection and pl read it for knowing do's/don'ts/emergency working / safety tips etc.

No. As per Statutory guidelines we cannot exchange one brand cylinder with that of another brand because of safety and identifying parameters.

Domestic LPG Cylinders cannot be used in any of the LPG appliances except for cooking. However commercial and industrial LPG Cylinder can be used for such LPG appliances.

Request your Franchisee or SUPERGAS customer service, who will guide you suitably. If the regulator is to be replaced , after the warranty time, customer has to pay for the regulator and give back the defective regulator so that it would not in use .

Typically the customer gets the new connection within 24 to 48 hours . Customer needs to submit 2 documents : (i) Photo identity proof (ii) Address proof ( self certification is accepted ) for the new connection

2 documents are required for new LPG connection- 1. Photo identity proof 2. Address proof . Address proof can be self certified . Accepted Photo identity documents are : Passport, Driving License, Pan Card , Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Employer Identity Card ( of reputed employers)

New connection order can be placed through phone call , web-portal or mobile app . However Photo Identity and Address proof documents are to be handed over ( digitally or physical copies ) to the Franchisee at the time of new connection

Double cylinders can be issued at the beginning and also an existing Customer can avail the facility of the 2nd cylinder by paying requisite money at any point of time.