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Franchisees issue Subscription Voucher (SV) to Customers at the time of new connection or issuing the 2nd cylinder. SV has an unique number and it also has all details of the Customers ( name, address, contact details ) ; refundable cylinder security deposit , type of cylinder , Terms and conditions etc. This SV copy is required at the time of termination or issuing the 2nd cylinder.

Request your Franchisee and the Franchisee would guide you suitably.

Suggest you to escalate your service problem with SUPERGAS by logging your complaint in the online WebQuery and if the service issues still persist , you have the option of termination. Upon termination, you get the refund of cylinder deposit paid at the time of availing new connection on return of the cylinder in good condition along with the SV document.

Yes, you can avail this but it needs to be intimated to SUPERGAS and the reason for the same . The request can be routed through the existing franchisee or SUPERGAS Customer Service.

Franchisee is the first point of contact and any issue is to be communicated to the Franchisee first. In case the issue is not resolved within a reasnable period, then you can escalate your service problem with SUPERGAS by logging your complaint in the online WebQuery( complaint section ) . You would be receiving the acknowledgment immediately and SUPERGAS Customer Service would help you resolve the issue soon.

No. Only one regulator is issued at the time of the new connection. Regulators are replaced or issued afresh in case of defective ones based on the warranty period of 1 years .

New LPG connection is given quickly with minimum documents . You also get a reliable and quick supply and service, assured Quality & Quantity and safety services. One more additional advantage is that the security deposit is fully refunadable.

Public Liability policy is covered as per the Public Liability Act ,1991 . However insurance claims are only permissible in case of accidents arising out of faulty products of SUPERGAS and not due to the negligence of the user .

Yes you can. This would be treated as a new connection and all processes of a new connection would be applied. You have the option of terminating the earlier connection or continue that as a back up.