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As we don't get subsidy , our LPG is a market driven price and hence it cannot be compared with subsidized LPG as offered by PSU oil companies.

The administrative charges are for various incidental expenses like (i) investment in cylinders ( effectively for supplying 1 LPG cylinder to the Customer company has to invest in 1.5 cylinders or more ) (ii) Administrative and service charges of SV , documentation etc. . Current prices are Rs 200 for a new connection and Rs 100 for the 2nd connection.

LPG prices change each month depending on International LPG prices as benchmarked with Saudi Aramco CP , exchange rate and other parameters. You can see the refill prices in our website : https://www.supergas.com/lpg-for-home/12kg-domestic-cylinder ( 12 kg ) ;https://www.supergas.com/lpg-for-Home/4kg-chota-super-gas( 4kg ) and https://www.supergas.com/lpg-for-Home/2kg-lpg-cylinder-cooktop ( 2kg )

Price are charged as per the date of billing ( which is typically the day on which it is delivered )

You can escalate your service problem with SUPERGAS by logging your complaint in the online WebQuery( complaint section ) . You would be receiving the acknowledgment immediately and SUPERGAS Customer Service would help you resolve the issue soon.

The complaint resolution would vary depending on the nature of the complaints. Our focus is to resolve the complaint soon . There is a standing policy that the complaint has a minimum 24 hour period and a maximum of 3 day period to be resolved.

The escalation matrix is ( 1 ) Franchisee ( 2) SUPERGAS through the online enquiry ( or telephone call )

Please communicate it to the Franchisee and can raise a complaint on-line in the SUPERGAS website ( online enquiry complaint section )

You can call the Franchisee / raise your refill order in the web portal / mobile app

Typical refill delivery time is 48-72 hours .