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LPG for Industry

Benefits of LPG for Industry

Too many count on our fingers

When is more than enough good for us?

When it concerns our contribution to the environment.

This is the era of technological breakthroughs and of looming environmental crisis. This is also the time of developing better fuels for a more sustainable future. When we are talking about smarter industrial fuels, we consider various parameters. While there are several fuels that qualify – topping the charts with the highest net calorific value is LPG when compared to conventional fuels, leading the race by a huge margin.

LPG produces no residue or harmful emissions, thus reducing equipment maintenance cost and carbon footprint. With high heat transfer efficiency, it also saves on fuel costs and increases productivity. Environmental impact is negligible and the end product has better finish. And with SUPERGAS’s Expert Conversion Assistance, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of in the easiest, quickest and most reliable way possible.

Reasons to opt for LPG


  • LPG burns evenly, providing uniform heat distribution. Furthermore, the temperature is easily controlled and regulated by knobs.
  • Compared to conventional fuels, LPG has less initial heating time and higher heating rate. Which means, it catches fire quickly and burns rapidly.
  • LPG is economical. Its usage results in reduced fuel costs and, because it burns clean, reduced carbon footprint.
  • LPG leaves no residue or wastage, therefore the devices that facilitate LPG usage demand lower maintenance.
  • Low fuel cost, better heating capabilities and negligible maintenance of LPG result in higher productivity and increased savings.
  • LPG has better heat transfer and temperature control, so the products that are made with LPG, have better finish quality.
Benefits of LPG for Industry

How to convert to LPG

Expert Conversion Assistance

immediately. If your manufacturing unit is using unreliable, polluting conventional fuel, it’s time to rethink. The best thing that comes with converting to LPG – a smarter fuel – isn’t just the reduction in fuel cost and consumption, but also the increased efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. Our team of experts with vast and varied industry experience is always there to assist you through our hassle-free conversion process. From choosing the right combustion system, appropriate controls and equipment, to choosing the right vendor, SUPERGAS is committed to providing you with a seamless experience.

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