LPG for Industry

LPG for Industry

Conversion Assistance

Convert to LPG from other fuels hassle free

Are you looking for a better, efficient fuel to meet your industrial use?

SUPERGAS – Your Conversion and Convenience Facilitator

A team of experts with vast and varied industry experience will help you choose the right combustion system, appropriate controls and equipment, right vendor and assist you with the process of conversion.

We are the first to have introduced this service in India, and are continuously adding esteemed customers who have converted from High Speed Diesel, Light Diesel Oil, Furnace Oil, Superior Kerosene Oil, Coal and Electricity to LPG. Our happy customers appreciate us for the full conversion spectrum of services and LPG storage solutions that enable uninterrupted, hassle-free operation.



  • Savings on your monthly fuel bill
  • Enhanced life of the combustion equipment
  • Reduced maintenance and higher productivity
  • Direct firing unlike many alternate fuels
  • Better end-product quality
  • Reduced carbon footprints
LPG for Industry

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and icing on the cake is their value added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with the win-win situation for us and them.