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LPG Leak Detector for Industry

Stay safe and alert with CGMS+ from SUPERGAS

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Use technology to stay safe and alert with SUPERGAS LPG leak detector

Highly sensitive gas detectors with digitally controlled features, SUPERGAS offers Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus (CGMS+) for a safer environment. An LPG leak detector in your surrounding is like a blessing in case there is going to be any LPG leakage. CGMS+ is a smart system with low maintenance costs and easy installation that keeps you safe from the unwanted accidents that might occur due to gas leakage. SUPERGAS LPG leak detector is an industrial technologically advanced device that can easily catch the leakage with its ultra-sensitive gas sensors and alerts you much before it reaches the explosive limits. With the reliability of SUPERGAS, CGMS+ is a real-time safety device crafted with multiple layers of flameproof sensors for up to 100% safety.

How it Works

Working Principle

Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus (CGMS+) by SUPERGAS, is an ultra-sensitive LPG sensor that easily detects as soon as the LPG leakage starts. It has been crafted by experienced engineers keeping in mind the utmost safety measures. Multiple flameproof gas sensors to monitor LPG concentration in the environment and digital controller unit for immediate alert makes LPG usage safer than ever. The LPG concentration limit based upon requirements can be set by the users. LPG is a heavy fuel that upon leakage settles down on the floor. This concentration is detected by the CGMS+ flameproof sensors, which then transmits signals to the digital controller unit, The alarm then gets activated. This device uses the in-built modem to send alert messages to up to 10  registered mobile numbers. If the leakage persists and no action is taken, the device keeps sending the warning SMS after every 3 minutes.

Why it is used

LPG Leak Detector for Industrial Manifold


LPG leak detector by SUPERGAS has a high sensitivity to methane and other combustible gases which makes it highly reliable for your industrial manifold safety.

Tried and tested with LPG gas, CGMS+ by SUPERGAS passed as a highly satisfactory device for leakage detection.

The device is capable of identifying LPG concentration much before the explosive time and immediately starts sending out warning SMS for immediate attention and action.

Based on your need, you can choose from the wide customized options - 2 channels, 5 channels, 8 channels and 16 channels.

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