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Aerosol Grade LPG

Impact of Aerosol Grade LPG

Choosing SUPERGAS for Customised Solutions

A case study of how a customer found the perfect propane- butane blend for their customised and bulk Aerosol-grade LPG needs.



 This case study traces the journey of our esteemed customer who is catering to sectors like pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda, and personal and home care. Initially unsure about the best LPG blend for their needs, they turned to SUPERGAS. SUPERGAS approached this challenge with customer-centric acumen, recommending a tailored aerosol-grade LPG solution paired with a robust bulk installation. This strategic advice, backed by in-depth industry knowledge, instilled confidence, and facilitated a seamless transition, ensuring uninterrupted services.


Aerosol Grade LPG Solutions

Aerosol grade LPG is a specialized blend of petroleum gases, typically consisting of propane, isobutane, and n-butane. In the context of an aerosol propellant, the composition of these gases is expertly calibrated to achieve the desired pressure level in aerosol products. This refined LPG is safer for use in aerosol products due to its controlled vapor pressure and strict adherence to flammability standards.

Propane has lower boiling point and lower pressure, resulting in faster initial spray and better cold performance. Propane is ideal for low-pressure applications. Whereas, Butane has higher boiling point contributing to a sustained and even spray, making it ideal for high-pressure applications. The right mix ensures a consistent spray pattern, particle size, and flow rate. This directly impacts the quality and functionality of the final product.

Benefits of Partnering with SUPERGAS

Seeking a viable solution to meet their demand for superior quality LPG, as well as ensuring capacity-based installation and maximum safety, the customer forged partnership with SUPERGAS. Recognizing the client's high consumption levels, SUPERGAS suggested a bulk storage solution with the Maxima manifold system. This bulk installation boasted advanced technology prioritizing safety, utilizing exclusively IS 2825-certified materials and equipment designed for durability and secure operation.

The client was also advised to switch to aerosol grade LPG to improve product quality and gain cost advantages. SUPERGAS's installation employed robust Pipes, SWRF Flanges, Socket Weld Elbows, and Tees, Metallic Gaskets, and durable Poly Urethane Paint, ensuring a seamlessly safe and efficient LPG supply system.

    Operational Observations

Following are the benefits observed by the customer after choosing SUPERGAS and Customised Aerosol LPG. 

1. Turnkey solutions for the bulk installation were not only delivered but also executed ahead of schedule, surpassing initial timelines.

2. The prompt delivery of LPG coupled with the value-added services from SUPERGAS significantly improved productivity, leading to elevated levels of client satisfaction.

3. The quality of the products reached unprecedented heights as the bespoke aerosol grade LPG was deployed, marking a remarkable improvement.