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Fabric Dying

Improved product quality and workplace safety: A Case Study of a Fabric Dyeing Company's Switch to SUPERGAS LPG


Conquering Challenges with SUPERGAS Solutions: 

 Before switching to SUPERGAS   After switching to SUPERGAS 
 The absence of clear instructions regarding safety protocols.            We have conducted safety audits and provided two safety training sessions on handling LPG. 
 Compromised finished product quality                                            SR grade LPG clean burning and even heat distribution improved the quality of finished product. 
 Lack of technical support from Local Supplier   Direct supply from SUPERGAS supported by dedicated customer service team improved overall operations.  
 Need to store excess cylinders in the Yard which is against the safety policies and norms.   We educated the customers on EACD, reducing the risk of unconnected cylinder storage at the LPG yard. 
 Lack of cylinder handling support, the cylinders were handled by Lucky Process team.    SUPERGAS had trained driver crew to load, unload, coupling and decoupling the cylinders, which improved the productivity of the customer.