2KG LPG Cylinder with Cooktop

Not keeping well because of eating outside food daily? Need an LPG cylinder to cook for yourself? Transferred to a new location? Getting a Gas connection -is it a challenge? SUPERGAS offers you a solution - The new 2kg LPG Cylinder with Cooktop(stove).


    Low Refill Price

  • SAFE



    Assured Quality & Quantity


    Off The Shelf Pick-Up
    (New Connection and Refill)

Safety features:

  • ISI approval for both Cylinder and Cooktop

  • Approved by Government of India’s Explosives department

  • Periodic testing of Cylinders

  • Mention of tare weight on Cylinder

  • Mention of Batch and Serial No

Advantages of SUPERGAS

  • Low refill price

  • Safe

  • Assured quality and quantity

  • Refundable Cylinder Deposit

  • Minimal documentation

  • Available off the shelf ( both new and refill connection)

Let us know about your requirement for new 2kg LPG cylinder with Cooktop by clicking on the “Online Enquiry” or give us a missed call on 9537522174 for our expert team to get in touch with you.

New Connection Details

100% Refundable Deposit ₹ 550
Cooktop ₹ 650
Franchisee Administration Charges ₹ 100
Gas Cost* as per state