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  • Getting a SUPERGAS connection is SUPER easy!

    Dec 06,2019

    You had been waiting for this your whole week. You have come to your hometown to finally relax, watch TV and gobble up on the awesome snack your mom is preparing in the kitchen. Your five senses are already enchanted under the spell of the food that is getting ready. Suddenly, breaking your daydreams you hear the sound “Son, the gas is finished. Place an order for a new one”. Now, you need to wait for eons to get the gas delivered.

  • How Fast Food is Benefited by SUPER Fast LPG Delivery?

    Nov 13,2019

    Who doesn’t like lip-smacking fast food? Be it the roadside eateries whipping out the last minute grill sandwiches or the big burgers, we really love our fast food. But, a fast food restaurant is only determined by one factor. Service. The faster the food reaches the table the better.

    Nevertheless, what is the major worry you will face as a fast food restaurant owner?

  • Why Should FORGING Industries Switch to LPG Now?

    Nov 07,2019

    Forging is a process where metals are shaped by applying localized compressive forces either through a hammer and anvil or using a die. The heart of the forging operations involves a forge which is a  type of hearth used for heating metals for the forging process.

  • The Five Important Tips To Choose Your LPG Supplier For Hotels

    Get Quality LPG for your Hotel Oct 14,2019

    It was your dream and passion to be a restaurant owner. Now you’ve fulfilled it with the best restaurant in town. But …. there are occasional hiccups where the manager and chefs reach out to you  saying “The gas cylinder is over”.

  • Why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the Most Important Lifesaver in the... Safety PPE Sep 13,2019

    Most of the industrial hazards happen due to lack of awareness, minor mistakes and unsafe practices. All are aware about Safety but unfortunately many resorts to short cuts to minimize efforts and finally ending up in unwarranted incidents or accidents.

  • Maxima LPG Installation- Super Space Saver and Safer

    SUPERGAS Maxima Aug 29,2019

    LPG is portable, cleaner, safer and a highly energy efficient fuel. It is used in more than 2000 applications. For  factories requiring high consumption, space constraints and ready to go into commissioning at a short time-frame,  simplest solution is to go for  Maxima 450 Kg installation. It’s compact, safe , highly energy efficient and easily available.

    Let’s look at the features of Maxima cylinders

  • Why Auto LPG is a Preferred Fuel for Vehicles?

    SUPERGAS Auto LPG Aug 28,2019

    With rapid climatic change and degrading quality of the environment, is there a quick low-hanging fruit which can make the vehicular pollution minimal?  The solution lies in the form of LPG-The Exceptional Energy.

  • Why LPG is the Preferred Fuel for Powder Coating?

    best LPG provider for powder coating application Jul 31,2019

    Powder coating is an application where the coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder electrostatically and dried under heat. This gives a harder look compared to the conventional paints.  The reason for this is the toughness that forms as part of the heat supplied. Hence, the right fuel will determine the finish and quality of the powder coated materials. Uniform heating is the key and what fuel better than the  LPG to support in the same?

  • SUPERGAS 4 KG: The Right Companion for Your Kitchen

    SUPERGAS 4 Kg cylinder Jul 29,2019

    Waking up in the morning to the air filled with the aroma of your favourite dish wafting around in an inviting way…..but that is just a dream nowadays! Hotel, Canteen, roadside and mess food has replaced the charm of home food especially when you are staying away from family. But there is one thing that you bring back to get the comfort. Cook your own food to bring back all the charms of home-cooked food and of course the healthy way!

    So, is it possible?

  • Why LPG Is The Preferred Fuel For Galvanization

    Jul 19,2019

    Galvanizing is a surface coating process for various industrial and commercial requirements.  In Galvanizing, the metal is coated with a protective layer of Zinc which acts as a barrier to prevent oxidation. The most common method of galvanizing is hot dip galvanization.