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  • Auto LPG – Is it worth the switch from Petrol?

    SUPERGAS Auto LPG Feb 13,2019

    The above question has been pondered for a long time. So many discussions have taken place in questioning the efficiency of LPG as a fuel that conspiracy theorists have found a walking treasure chest in this topic. We will go a bit extra and bravely proclaim that people who make these negative myths around LPG’s performance as an automotive are no better than those flat earth fanatics. Why? We are planning to debunk some of these myths one by one.


  • Preventive Maintenance Through AMC: Key to Higher Productivity

    Nov 22,2018

    Preventive maintenance has always been the answer, not only for better productivity but also a higher and healthier machine life. Preventive maintenance ensures the following.


     Decreases equipment downtime



     Higher asset life



  • SHV Energy: The Energy Company with a Difference

    Oct 29,2018

    The year was 1896. Eight Dutch coal wholesalers had brought their heads together to take a historic decision. There was a new threat emerging in the German town of Essen in the form Rhenish Westphalian Coal Syndicate. The eight had to figure out something to battle the growing hegemony of the German arm in the Rhine Coal Delta. That was how Steenkolen Handels-Veerening or SHV was born. The journey from a small coal trading organization to the one of the largest LPG Distributor in the world with presence in 28 countries across 4 continents, serving a staggering 30 million customer base is an entrepreneurial journey in itself.

  • LPG Cylinder Explosion: Reasons and Precautions

    LPG Cylinder EXplosions Oct 16,2018

    Domestic LPG cylinders if not handled properly, can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. It’s almost impossible to have LPG blast on its own without related factors. Firstly, a gas leak from the cylinder or regulator gets mixed with air, forming a combustible mixture. To complete the fire triangle we need a spark or a source of ignition. This spark ignites the combustible LPG-air mixture and this leads to an explosion.

  • LPG as an Industrial Fuel

    SUPERGAS LPG as an industrial fuel Sep 28,2018

    The uses of LPG as an industrial fuel are seen in almost all the applications and processes i.e.,space and process heating, food production, ceramic industries, aluminum heating to name a few. It’s actually the preferred fuel because of its convenience, lower maintenance, price and reduced carbon footprint.

    Advantages of LPG: It’s a well-proven fact that LPG is much more beneficial than the traditional fossil fuels and is the leading fuel of the manufacturing sector in India.

  • Is LPG a boon for your car?

    SUPERGAS Auto LPG Sep 26,2018


    No, this is not a group discussion topic. You can stop scratching your head for collating the points. The answer is not subjective. It’s a simple yes. We’ll show you why and it will remain a yes for a long time to come.

    Auto LPG offers  you the most efficient combustion without burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s start with the basics.



  • How to detect an LPG leakage?

    How to detect an LPG leakage Sep 21,2018

    You’re at home alone. The LPG delivery boy has come home to deliver the cylinder. You remember that your mom has kept the money with the LPG pass book in the drawer. You rush to get the same. After you pay him, you notice that you hear a hissing sound. A pungent smell has been tingling at your nostrils. You ignore the same. You take the LPG  cylinder and connect it to the regulator. But after some time, the smell grows stronger. Then you realize that  it’s an LPG leak. This word leak has started to trouble you. Damn your luck! You should’ve detected the LPG leak earlier!

  • LPG Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Establishments

    SUPERGAS LPG Solutions Aug 21,2018

    LPG is increasingly used for cooking and heating in hotels and other commercial establishments by virtue of its clean and quick burning, convenience and ease of availability. The need for a reliable LPG supplier who can play a supporting role is immense. SUPERGAS assures your peace of mind by offering a one-stop solution for all your LPG needs.

  • Let Us Be Safe with LPG

    SUPERGAS Safety Aug 16,2018

    LPG as a fuel has gained much more dominance in households, industry and commercial sectors owing to its utility, affordability and eco-friendliness. Being a colorless and odourless gas, LPG is sometimes untraceable at the time of leakage. Hence to know about the leakage Ethyl Mercaptan is added to LPG for odour. Therefore, it’s imperative to know and follow certain safety practices to avoid any untoward incidents.

  • LPG for cooking: A Healthy Lifestyle

    Aug 08,2018

    Indoor air pollution is the 2nd largest killer with 1.3 million deaths in India each year. Quite shocking but true; let’s look at the root cause:  Cooking fuel. India has the largest population lacking access to the cleaner fuel for cooking. Mostly in rural India, traditional cooking fuels like firewood, cow dung cake, coal, charcoal, kerosene etc need to go for a paradigm shift for a healthier life. The best solution is the widespread use of LPG for cooking at home.