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  • The Must Have Checklist for Choosing Your Industrial LPG Supplier!

    LPG Supply-Checklist May 17,2019

    LPG is gaining traction and is becoming a revolutionary fuel in the industrial sector. No one can afford a stoppage in their production due to unavailability of the fuel. Therefore choosing the best LPG supplier in India is a must.

    There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right LPG supplier for your industry. We are listing out some of them.

  • Four Important Points on LPG Every Hotel and Restaurant Owner Must Know

    SUPERGAS Hotel LPG May 16,2019

    The Hotels, restaurants and catering business solely depends on quick customized service and the Customer experience on aesthetics, product quality, service and operational efficiency. Since LPG plays an unequivocal role in the segment, it directly and indirectly affects the business in terms of timely service.

    There are 4  major factors surrounding LPG which influence any business fuel supply in the Ho-Re-Ca or Hotel-Restaurant-Catering segment.

  • Customer Centric Automation in LPG Industry

    Apr 23,2019

    Most of the energy companies are shifting their process and services to a digital application based platform. They understood the immense importance of customer’s digital convenience and in this “do or die” mission, we too decided to take the leap.

    SUPERGAS developed its own dedicated and best mobile app for LPG refills, instant new gas connection for home and many more.

  • SUPER LOT: The Complete LPG Storage Solution

    Apr 22,2019

    In case of a faulty LPG storage design (which would difficult for the users to know!), cylinder sweating and higher LPG consumptions would happen. As an industrialist, you would like to make sure that there is maximum efficiency in the fuel system that is being put to use. To address the same issue, SUPERGAS - the best industrial LPG supplier introduced the SUPER LOT system.

  • LPG Manifold Safety: 10 Must Do Things!

    Apr 19,2019

    LPG – the exceptional energy has a wider application as a fuel in Industries. Higher calorific value, lower carbon emissions , lower maintenance of the combustion system , ease of handling and availability are some of the key factors which is making  it the most preferred fuel in the industries. It is also important to be safe when handling any fuels and LPG is no longer an exception in this parameter.

  • Heaterless Vapourizer (HLV): The Energy Saviour

    HLV Apr 18,2019

    India’s electricity production is mostly thermal based and hence it generates high level of carbon footprint. 1 unit of electricity produces 0.77 kg of carbon dioxide. So, saving electricity at each available point is a logical step to reduce cost and carbon footprint.

  • LPG - The Exceptional Energy

    Apr 17,2019

    Imagine a future where you don’t wake up to the chirping of birds but to the wailing sirens of an industry? A future where you won’t open the windows to let the sunlight in but keep it shut to keep black pollutants away? Are you willing to see oxygen canisters appear on your monthly grocery lists? Unfortunately, we are moving towards that future because of our actions.

  • Auto LPG – Is it worth the switch from Petrol?

    SUPERGAS Auto LPG Feb 13,2019

    The above question has been pondered for a long time. So many discussions have taken place in questioning the efficiency of LPG as a fuel that conspiracy theorists have found a walking treasure chest in this topic. We will go a bit extra and bravely proclaim that people who make these negative myths around LPG’s performance as an automotive are no better than those flat earth fanatics. Why? We are planning to debunk some of these myths one by one.


  • Preventive Maintenance Through AMC: Key to Higher Productivity

    Nov 22,2018

    Preventive maintenance has always been the answer, not only for better productivity but also a higher and healthier machine life. Preventive maintenance ensures the following.


     Decreases equipment downtime


  • SHV Energy: The Energy Company with a Difference

    Oct 29,2018

    The year was 1896. Eight Dutch coal wholesalers had brought their heads together to take a historic decision. There was a new threat emerging in the German town of Essen in the form Rhenish Westphalian Coal Syndicate. The eight had to figure out something to battle the growing hegemony of the German arm in the Rhine Coal Delta. That was how Steenkolen Handels-Veerening or SHV was born. The journey from a small coal trading organization to the one of the largest LPG Distributor in the world with presence in 28 countries across 4 continents, serving a staggering 30 million customer base is an entrepreneurial journey in itself.