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  • Why LPG is the Preferred Fuel for Powder Coating?

    best LPG provider for powder coating application Jul 31,2019

    Powder coating is an application where the coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder electrostatically and dried under heat. This gives a harder look compared to the conventional paints.  The reason for this is the toughness that forms as part of the heat supplied. Hence, the right fuel will determine the finish and quality of the powder coated materials. Uniform heating is the key and what fuel better than the  LPG to support in the same?

  • SUPERGAS 4 KG: The Right Companion for Your Kitchen

    SUPERGAS 4 Kg cylinder Jul 29,2019

    Waking up in the morning to the air filled with the aroma of your favourite dish wafting around in an inviting way…..but that is just a dream nowadays! Hotel, Canteen, roadside and mess food has replaced the charm of home food especially when you are staying away from family. But there is one thing that you bring back to get the comfort. Cook your own food to bring back all the charms of home-cooked food and of course the healthy way!

    So, is it possible?

  • Why LPG Is The Preferred Fuel For Galvanization

    Jul 19,2019

    Galvanizing is a surface coating process for various industrial and commercial requirements.  In Galvanizing, the metal is coated with a protective layer of Zinc which acts as a barrier to prevent oxidation. The most common method of galvanizing is hot dip galvanization.

  • Keep Your Hotel & Restaurants Safe

    Jul 18,2019

    “Better safe than sorry”

    Safety can never be compromised, especially if your restaurant is a place where people walk in with their family to spend quality time with good food.

  • Homely Food Is The Healthy Option

    LPG connection for home Jun 19,2019

    The hot, spicy, colourful and aromatic road-side food items area real treat to savour!  But, have you ever thought of the implications and long term effects of the roadside foods continuously? Medical practitioners adversely warn the effects roadside food will have on us like Abdominal pain, Vomiting, Infections, Fever, Diarrhoea, Acidity, Obesity, Cholesterol and the list is endless. The major reasons are the way these foods are cooked and the way you’re also consuming it. Unhealthy food combined with unhygienic preparations mostly lands us in an amoebic infection nightmare.

  • Break Free, Be the Entrepreneur You Meant To Be!

    Jun 17,2019

    Now it’s time to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and be your own boss. So are you ready for this journey? To start the entrepreneurial journey, it would be good to take up  franchisee ship  of reputed brands as that would  guide and hand-hold you for your entrepreneurial debut . So which business is more profitable and gives you assured returns on long run? The answer is LPG franchisee or Gas Dealership.


  • SUPERGAS LPG – The Required Ingredient to Increase the Aluminium Industry Profits... SUPERGAS LPG for Alucast Jun 10,2019

    Aluminium is widely used as it is resistant to corrosion and is of light weight. Hence it is used in  manufacturing of very simple materials like a plate to sensitive materials like aerospace products.

  • Six Reasons Why SUPERGAS Can Be The Best LPG Supplier For Hotels

    SUPERGAS Commercial LPG May 30,2019

    We know that running a restaurant is never an easy job. It’s an art that requires the utmost precision. The restaurateur’s job starts right from fixing the menu of the day to welcoming guests, making sure that all the raw materials  like vegetables, grocessary, meat, fish and LPG are in place and available for preparing the food.

  • LPG – The Fuel for Your Health!

    May 24,2019

    Wood Stoves are something that we have seen from a very young age. The stoves loaded with wood and we have all enjoyed the crackling sound woods make when they start to catch fire. We see slowly the smoke rising up and the contents of the vessel boiling. For some it’s a sight to watch but have you ever noticed the side effects they cause?

  • Top 10 Reasons to Switch Over to SUPERGAS LPG as Your Industrial Fuel Today!

    switch over to SUPERGAS LPG May 20,2019

    LPG, the exceptional energy has been widely recognized  as a  bridge to the  renewable future.  It has a lot of flexibility, convenience and a wide range of application in Industries. Here we are going to check out 10 interesting facts about LPG for industry from SUPERGAS, the best LPG supplier for industry segment.