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SHV India endeavors towards the betterment and development of the community by making a positive contribution and empowering the children with quality education.



  • LPG has been used to fuel the Olympic flame due to its safety, environmental and practical characteristics.
  • LPG emits 60% fewer Green House Gas than electric coil cook tops, 50% fewer emissions than some biomass stoves and 19% fewer Green House Gas than kerosene stoves
  • LPG also helps to reduce Black Carbon (BC) emissions, which are the second biggest contributor to global warming and which can cause serious health problems.
International LPG price

LPG and Crude Price Movement in the Global Market and its impact

The long awaited supply demand balance in the crude oil market has finally shown signs of arrival.  From around $55/barrel at the start of October, Brent crude price has crossed $60 in late October and is now hovering around $63. The future market of crude oil is shifting from contango (upward movement) to backwardation (falling market). The demand side is showing a rosy picture with the surge in global growth rate leading to increase in global crude consumption. On the other hand, supply side has dwindled owing to OPEC’s production cuts and disruptions in US crude oil by natural calamities.

SUPERGAS Changed its logo

Unifying Our Brands Across the Globe

SHV Energy, the largest Global LPG player and market leader have been doing business through multiple, different identities in different countries. Brand Harmonization was the way to converge all the different identities to a single logo with its  brand promises of  CARING to Customers, Communities and Stakeholders, SEAMLESS experience, LEADING in the market, SUSTAINABLE for the environment, LOCAL in approach and SAFE for all.

Our new identity is Customer centric and is derived from our product.  Our logo implies