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Key Benefits of Industrial LPG 

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Higher Energy Efficiency

  • Easy Storage & Transport

  • Lower Maintenance

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At SUPERGAS, we're more than just an LPG supplier. We also offer a comprehensive suite of installation services to ensure your LPG needs are covered from start to finish.

33kg Industrial LPG Cylinders

Cylinder Installation

Catering to diverse needs, we provide options of VOT (Vapour Off-Take), LOT (Liquid Off-Take), and Super LOT installations compatible with 33KG LPG cylinders, helping you select the right fit for your operations.

Maxima 450kg LPG Cylinder

Maxima Installation

Ideal for high-demand settings, our 450KG Maxima installations ensure consistent and uninterrupted LPG supply. Experience superior efficiency & reliability that keep your operations running smoothly.

Industrial LPG in Bulk

Bulk Installation

Designed for large-scale requirements, we deliver & install LPG in bulk, assuring a steady fuel supply. Our robust infrastructure and logistics guarantee a smooth installation process & punctual deliveries.

Why Choose Us

  • Committed to Sustainability: Our LPG solutions are designed to help your business reduce its carbon footprint. By choosing SUPERGAS, you're making a choice for a greener and more sustainable future.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that each industry has unique energy needs. We work closely with our clients to provide custom LPG solutions that cater to their specific requirements.
  • On-Time Delivery:  With our access to 7 terminals and 20 filling plants, we at SUPERGAS ensure a seamless supply of LPG. Additionally, we have a dedicated fleet of tankers and delivery trucks, along with the best in-house supply chain management systems in place.
  • Assured Quality: Our LPG is of the SR(Straight-Run Grade) quality, assuring you of a performance that is efficient and consistent. 
  • Safety Trainings & Audits: We strongly believe in practising and promoting safety in everything we do. We make sure to educate and inform our customers and other stakeholders about the importance of safety and the measures they need to be aware of.








Industries Being Served

  • Auto Ancillary

  • Refractories & Ceramic

  • Food & Beverages

  • Iron & Steel

  • Foundry

  • Aerosol

    and many more....

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LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a versatile and efficient fuel used for various applications such as heating, cooking, and powering industrial machinery. It's composed of propane and butane, and it's known for its high-energy efficiency.
LPG is versatile and can benefit a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, agriculture, and construction. Its applications are broad, from heating and cooking to metal cutting, food processing, power generation, and more.
Our LPG is of the highest SR Grade, ensuring a performance that is efficient and consistent. We follow rigorous safety and quality protocols in its handling, storage, and delivery.
At SUPERGAS, we understand the critical role of an uninterrupted fuel supply in your operations. That's why we prioritize on-time delivery, ensuring your industrial processes never have to face downtime.
SUPERGAS follows stringent safety measures to ensure the safe handling, storage, and transport of LPG. We continuously invest in training our staff and updating our safety protocols.
By providing LPG, a clean-burning fuel, SUPERGAS helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing our LPG solutions means making a choice for a greener and more sustainable future.
To start using our services, fill out the enquiry form. Our team of experts will get back to you promptly to discuss your specific energy needs and how we can meet them.
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