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Our Happy Customers

  • To become a part of the renowned SUPERGAS family was one of our best decisions.  Their support in branding and training  was visible right from the very first day. Their timely deliveries, quality product and an uncompromising sense of safety is commendable. We sincerely thank SUPERGAS for their valuable support.

    Gaurav Tagra Franchisee owner
  • SUPERGAS Franchisee Owner

    I started a SUPERGAS Franchisee in the name of AMS Gas Agency and are very much delighted to be associated with SUPERGAS for nearly 20+ years. I never ran out of SUPERGAS cylinders because of their excellent supply chain management. I thank SUPERGAS for the support given to  our successful business and wish they continue the same.

    Franchisee Owner South
  • We have been associated with SUPERGAS for quite a long time and appreciate their technology leader position in LPG industry . They are very safety conscious and are conscious about imparting the same to all Stakeholders. SUPERGAS provides timely support through training, branding and process enhancement; thus ensuring best services all the times.

    Jagdish Vora Franchisee Owner
  • I am a Franchisee of SUPERGAS since 2002. This long association signifies SUPERGAS’s  support on sales, business growth and the human element of respect and trust. Their uninterrupted supply during any time; be it festive or peak business season is a testimony of their seamless infrastructure, operation, safety and teamwork. I’m  proud to be part of this company.

    Chandrika Franchisee owner
  • We are a SUPERGAS franchisee for the past 11 years. SUPERGAS ideology of “Progress through Partnership” is the key contributor to our business growth. Their support and services always helps us  maintaining the leading  position in the market. We wish them all the very best.

    Franchisee South
  • SUPERGAS Franchisee Owner

    The seamless support of SUPERGAS really helps us in the market they provides safety training to Customers along with maintenance & technical supports, safety audits. SUPERGAS also supports us by providing branding materials and participation in various promotional activities. We are happy to work with the “World’s Leading LPG company” and wish them success.

    Md. Firoj Iqbal Franchisee, East region
  • SUPERGAS Business Partner

    I must appreciate the quality of SUPERGAS LPG and services which has helped us to convert other customers to our brand. I found bigger business opportunities with all the products of SUPERGAS. Their training helped us to stand top in the competitive market. Thank you SUPERGAS for helping me achieve my ambition.

    Franchisee Kolkata
  • SUPERGAS customer

    Many thanks to SUPERGAS for their  extremely efficient services in providing the gas connection so quickly. I could never imagine that a missed call on a number given will be taken so seriously and followed up vigorously. I am overwhelmed by professional approach of Team at "SUPERGAS" in rendering "Super" efficient services. CONGRATULATIONS! I have no hesitation in saying that service level is truly delightful and wish them success for their customer centric approach.

    Domestic customer Hyderabad
  • SUPEGAS Customer

    I was in search for an user friendly LPG service for fuelling up my kitchen, then I chanced upon SUPERGAS. I contacted SUPERGAS for a new LPG connection. Their professional approach while delivering the cylinder within 24 hours and their staff’s attitude is very much appreciated. Great going SUPERGAS, keep up the good work.

    Domestic Customer East Region
  • SUPEGAS Customer

    SUPERGAS is one of our best suppliers. We are truly happy with their product quality.  Timely delivery of LPG cylinder by SUPERGAS in time speaks volumes of their excellent Customer support and Service. We are sure that SUPEGAS will continue to extend the best services to its Customers.

    Commercial customer Tamil Nadu
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    SUPERGAS’s LPG service and product quality full filled our LPG need and expectations. We being a year old entity, the trouble free support from SUPERGAS was a great strength to run our restaurant business. I personally thank you for that, big cheers to SUPERGAS.

    Commercial Customer Tamil Nadu
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    We are in the business of printing. We are very happy and satisfied with our LPG supplier - SHV Energy – SUPERGAS because of their reliability, excellent customer service and on-time delivery. We look forward to their business support in future too

    Industrial Customer Tamil Nadu
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    I am using your SUPERGAS 2kg cylinder for the past one year in my room. Being a bachelor staying in room, it is very convenient to me towards handling, maintenance & safety wise. SUPERGAS is very Safe to use and Value for our Money and the supply is also very Excellent.

    Domestic Customer Tamil Nadu
  • We are manufacturers of cooking appliances and are associated with SUPERGAS for the past 4 years. We shifted to LPG from firewood. Our productivity went up while our maintenance and pollution levels came down. We are very happy to be associated with SUPERGAS.

    Industrial Customer Tamil Nadu
  • SUPERGAS Industrial Customer

    The entire concept of using LPG in our furnace was driven by SUPERGAS and we are saving on cost and reducing our carbon footprint too. SUPERGAS is one of our trusted partners in growth and wish we would continue this association for long.

    Manish Agarwal Industrial Customer
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    We are a commercial printing company associated with SUPERGAS for more than 18 years. We had been using LPG  bulk installation at our Plant in Kolkata. In 2012, SUPERGAS came up with an optimized cost effective solution i.e. LOT cylinder installation for our other unit in Kolkata. It occupies less space and have more safety features with optimal fuel usage and lower cost. Our reduced overheads coupled with the proactive delivery of SUPERGAS have made us happy and we admire their customer centric solutions. We will continue to cherish this relationship with SUPERGAS and wish them the best.

    Industrial Customer West Bengal
  • SUPERGAS Franchsiee

    We, Progressive Suppliers are the authorized Franchisee of SHV Energy Pvt. Ltd aka SUPERGAS at Kolkata. We are associated with SUPERGAS for more than 18Years.  We provide domestic and commercial LPG supply to our valuable customers with seamless support of SUPERGAS keeping all the safety precaution and norms in mind. SUPERGAS provides safety training to Customers and extend maintenance & technical support, safety audit etc. We are proud and happy to work with the “Global leader in L.P.G” and wish them every success in future.

    Sanjit Kumar Das M/S Progressive Suppliers
  • SUPERGAS Domestic Customer

    SUPERGAS is a name that can be trusted for its quick services and innovative LPG products. Initially a commercial customer of SUPERGAS for the last 3 years, I have also opted for its domestic services. Guess what? We are completely happy with their prompt services and quick refill system. Moreover, the hassle free documentation system is something that makes SUPERGAS different from other LPG suppliers. Getting an LPG connection with just a photo ID and address proof, and that too within 24hrs is something that any Customer would give a thumps up! Just like its name, SUPERGAS, it is an awesome experience being their Customer.  

    Mr.Vadivel Domestic Customer, Coimbatore
  • Industrial Customer

    We converted our galvanizing application from LDO to LPG. Kudos to SUPERGAS! for driving this initiative and influencing us for this conversion. We wish  “it could have happened earlier“ looking at the benefits, post the conversion to SUPERGAS LPG - downtime reduction,  higher productivity, more convenient, cost effective and  a lower carbon footprint. The expertise showcased by SUPERGAS in regular preventive maintenance, on-time cylinder delivery and safety training and audits have really convinced us that yes truly they are a global company with a local service.

    Mr.Abhijit Sengupta Industrial Customer
  • SUPERGAS Domestic customer

    Well, probably the best wedding gift so far! I feel that the best gift has been presented by SUPERGAS in terms of quick new LPG connection, prompt customer service and much needed safety guidance. Never had I expected such emphasis on customer safety from an LPG company. Moreover, getting a gas connection within 24 hours and that also with minimal documentations has left me awestruck. Thank You dear SUPERGAS team.

    Vishak Mohan Coimbatore
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and icing on the cake is their value added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with the win-win situation for us and them.

    Mr. Vijay Industrial Customer, Telangana
  • SUPERGAS Franchisee

    Glad to work with SUPERGAS for their unending support. The professionalism showcased in prompt services and concerns for safety is something worth mentioning. Heartfelt thanks to help my business sail through thumpingly. It has been more than 10 years into our successful collaboration and looking forward to much more years of togetherness.

    Mr. Umesh Shrivastav Franchisee, Thane, Maharashtra
  • SUPERGAS Franchisee

    SUPERGAS, a name that stands for trust, support and quality has helped my business reach new highs with every passing year. My sincerest thanks to SUPERGAS for such wonderful and informative safety tips and training sessions, so much so that it has helped my delivery boys stand out in the competition and a strong differentiator. My customers are very satisfied with my service and that drives me to look for more ways to make the Customer experience a unique one.  I hope my association with SUPERGAS brings out the best for the Customers highlighting the brand value of Leading, Safe, Sustainable, Seamless, Caring and Local.

    Rahul Bhimraj Sharma Franchisee, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    Not only the best LPG supplier, SUPERGAS is now our lifeline in my business of food catering. Thank You for meeting our needs of LPG cylinders even during odd hours and showing consistency of prompt service at a stretch for last 5 years! Good to see SUPERGAS’s concern for customers' safety. We are elated to be associated with SUPERGAS and look forward to more successful years of association.

    Gourango Kumar Ganguly Partner of Hospitality Company
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    Thank you SUPERGAS for making us realize that LPG is not only for customer’s betterment but also for the environment. We are extremely happy to convert to LPG from CFC for our Silicon manufacturing unit. We appreciate the professional and structured approach from SUPERGAS; starting from design to installation, commissioning, operation and safety training. SUPERGAS really walks the talk “Your peace of Mind"

    Sanjay Malhotra Industrial Customer
  • SUPERGAS 12 KG Customer

    Hello, My name is Sweeya and we live in Floatilla apartments near Manikonda. I would like to show my gratitude to SUPERGAS for their effecient and on-time service. I request for help in the morning and by noon it’s at my door step. I should say it’s an awesome service. I have been a customer for more than 10 years and for such kind of service I shall continue to be one. Thanks for all your timely support.

    Sweeya Ausekar 12 KG Customer, Hyderabad
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    The ALDS station operators behave on a good note with customers. My cab is giving me good mileage. I am very proud to be part of Green Home Energy. My cab is helping to reduce city pollution as well compared to other petrol and diesel cabs.

    Mr.Sanjay Auto LPG Customer, JP Nagar
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    My auto is giving me good mileage nowadays. Thanks to SUPERGAS Auto LPG. I am happy for what I'm paying. I'll ask others to fill LPG from SUPERGAS Stations only. Availability of drinking water in refill stations is something that I appreciate the most.

    Mr. Syed Imran Auto LPG Customer, JP Nagar
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    We have been associated with SUPERGAS for the past 3 years for our LPG requirements. During the tenure, they have supplied our requirements on time.They have  maintained on quality and quantity.We also appreciate their knowledge on safe handling and efficient utilization of LPG. We are elated to be associated with SUPERGAS.

    Commercial Customer Kanchipuram
  • SUPERGAS Customer

    We own a chain of hotels and eateries based in Chennai. We have been associated with SUPERGAS for the past 5 years for the LPG requirement. During this time-span, they have been able to supply our requirements on time.They have maintained quality and quantity for each purchase order. We also appreciate their knowledge they imparted to our staff on safe handling and efficient utilization of LPG.We are happy to recommend SUPERGAS.

    Commercial Customer Chennai