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LPG is a highly efficient energy source which is not only safe, but also saves on fuel and maintenance costs.  The final product that you get is of greater uniformity and quality as compared to conventional fuels. All this, combined with SUPERGAS’s prompt and reliable services is an upgrade worth investing in.

What we offer

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LPG Supply for Industry

LPG Supply

LPG for Industry

LPG Installation Services

LOT Installation

Energy Saving Solutions

Benefits of SUPERGAS

Why one should rely on SUPERGAS

Few things that makes us stand apart from others

  • One Stop Solution

    From System Design to Engineering and Annual Maintenance, SUPERGAS takes care of everything when you opt for SUPERGAS services. Once our team of experts is familiar with your requirements, you can sit back and relax as they take of everything
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    Assured quality, every time

    SUPERGAS uses superior Straight Run grade LPG which is free from heavier hydrocarbons and other impurities. This, in turn, enhances the final product quality and lowers the maintenance of the combustion system
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    Uninterrupted supply

    With access to 6 terminals and 21+ filling plants, SUPERGAS ensures a seamless supply of LPG. In addition to that is the dedicated fleet of tankers and delivery trucks with the best in-house supply chain management systems in place
  • Safety and Training

    SUPERGAS emphasizes very much on safety which is imbibed in its working and value system. It strives to demonstrate both its customers and other stakeholders about the importance of safety and the safety measures that need to be understood

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Customer Testimonial

Industrial Customer, Tamilnadu

We are in the business of printing. We are very happy and satisfied with our LPG supplier - SHV Energy – SUPERGAS because of their reliability, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery.