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Dip - Spin Coating

Impact of LPG on Coating Process

Switching to SR-Grade LPG from Natural Gas

A case study of a customer’s strategic shift to SUPERGAS LPG from natural gas, securing uninterrupted supply and elevating the efficiency of the Dip-Spin coating process.



This case study is about the transformative shift of a leading metal finishing company, renowned for its innovative, chrome-free coatings tailored for diverse industries, including automotive and construction. These coatings aim to enhance corrosive resistance, friction control, lubricity, conductivity, and heat tolerance, significantly extending the lifecycle and performance of treated components. Confronted with rising natural gas (NG) prices, the company transitioned to LPG, consuming 8 MT monthly.

Role of LPG in Dip-spin Coating

The dip/spin coating process is a highly efficient method for applying coatings, here uniform coating is required over complex shapes or large batches of small components. Initially, the parts to be coated undergo pretreatment processes to ensure cleanliness and optimal adhesion and then transferred to mesh basket. 

The temperature plays a very crucial role in this process. Notable advantages like high calorific value and LPG's ability to reach desired temperatures rapidly minimizes energy waste and can enhance the throughput of coating applications.  

Benefits of Partnering with SUPERGAS

A customer, initially utilizing natural gas for their coating operations, switched to SUPERGAS LPG following a surge in NG prices. SUPERGAS's technical team diagnosed the issue as stemming from faulty valves and inadequate pressure. Upon trialing SUPERGAS cylinders, the customer's issues were resolved, leading to a new supply agreement involving a 2 X 15 kg LOT manifold with 33 kg cylinders.

 The switch to SR-Grade LPG resulted in minimal gas leftovers, precisely controllable flame temperatures, and consistently good pressure, signifying a successful partnership.

    Operational Impact Study

While Using Natural Gas After Switching to LPG 
High cost is involved with Natural Gas as a fuel. High calorific value and combustion efficiency of LPG, resulted in significant impact on cost. 
Instability of the NG supply Uninterrupted Supply directly from SUPERGAS
Carbon deposits in the furnace  Sulphur-free emissions and No carbon deposition at the furnace.