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LPG for Industry

Liquid Trap for your LPG

A safety net and an efficiency modulator 

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When the fuel burns clean, the equipment stays healthy

This simple plug and play device can help you save a lot

LPG is a fuel which comes from a mixture of hydrocarbons. Sometimes there are heavier hydrocarbons that aren’t separated from LPG and when burned with it, they can damage the equipment. The SUPERGAS Liquid Trap is a device that ensures the separation of those heavy components from LPG vapours.

The Liquid Trap is installed in manifold system. The device not only improves the combustion quality of the fuel, but also guarantees complete safety of the installation. The Liquid Trap saves you a lot on fuel and maintenance cost and makes your industrial operations even more beneficial and profitable for you.

How it Works

Working Principle

Liquid Trap is installed outside the shop floor on the secondary pipeline where LPG vapour is passing to industrial furnace or machinery. After exiting from the shell and tube heat exchanger, the LPG vapour enters the Liquid Trap to pass through a series of baffle plates where heavier hydrocarbons are accumulated at the bottom. The clean LPG vapour, without those heavier hydrocarbons then goes to the burner from the outlet of the Liquid Trap, resulting in complete combustion and clean burning.
Liquid Trap


Maxima Installation for Industry


  • Plug and play device
  • Pre-warning alarm at 35%
  • Alarm activation at 80% with shutting off gas supply
  • Potential-free audio alarm
  • Weather proof IP 45 enclosure for junction box
  • Solenoid valve with bypass arrangement
  • Automatic resetting to normal working after draining

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