New LPG Connection for Home

12Kg LPG Cylinder

Bigger, popular suitable for your family

Our food defines us

Whether we eat to live or live to eat – cooking is needed either way

Are you a family that cooks regularly? Or a group of bachelors who prefer home-made food? We believe our eating habits define us to a great extent, so we have brought you the 12 KG LPG cylinder. It is efficient, safe and convenient, and enjoys the status of the most preferred and customer-friendly LPG brand by SUPERGAS.

Getting a connection with us is easy and hassle-free and requires minimal paperwork. And with our stringent quality checks, we make sure you get superior quality LPG and accurate weight. Our team of experts and friendly staff make you feel valued and our reliable after-sales services and on-time delivery ensure you never run out of gas.

Why 12Kg Cylinder


  • The 12 KG LPG cylinder is safe and strong.
  • The cylinder is BIS and PESO approved.
  • It is periodically tested for quality assurance

Franchisee Locator

With 400+ cylinder franchisee, SUPERGAS provides New Gas Connection/ Refill Order in 24 working hours. Click below to locate the nearest franchisee.

Price Details

12Kg-Single Cylinder Connection Details
Gas Cost
As per location*
No. of Cylinders
100% Refundable Deposit
Franchisee Administration Charges
12Kg- Double Cylinder Connection Details
No of Cylinders
100% Refundable Deposit
Franchisee Administration Charges
Gas Cost
As per location*


The connection process takes just 24 working hours, sometimes even less.

A valid Photo ID proof and an address proof is all we ask for. We even accept self-attested letters for address proof.

The one-time security deposit paid at the beginning is fully refundable.

Our quality LPG and the specified quantity has earned us an IS 4576 certification.
Minimal process, documentation and one working day is all it takes to get a new connection.

Refill Price of the Cylinder

Find your current local refill price (incl. GST)  

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

Many thanks to SUPERGAS for their extremely efficient services in providing the gas connection so quickly. I could never imagine that a missed call on a number given will be taken so seriously and followed up vigorously. I am overwhelmed by professional approach of Team at "SUPERGAS" in rendering "Super" efficient services. CONGRATULATIONS! I have no hesitation in saying that service level is truly delightful and wish them success for their customer centric approach.