The Global LPG Leader 

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Consistency, Commitment and Reliability

Our excellence is the result of years of hard work and technical expertise

Established in 1996, SHV Energy Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Dutch Multinational SHV Energy N.V., Global Leader in LPG Industry. It operates in more than 20 countries and supplies LPG to 3 crore customers across 4 continents. It caters to various customer segments including Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Auto LPG.

SHV operates in India under the brand name SUPERGAS. Having national presence with access to 6 import terminals and 21+ filling plants, it has built a reputation as a leading LPG player. Since its inception, SUPERGAS has retained the coveted CRISIL Rating No. 1 for its technical excellence, prompt customer service, strong distribution network  and full commitment to safety.


“To Lead in providing Efficient Energy Solutions through LPG in a Sustainable manner”
We lead in shaping a better tomorrow for our customers by offering Efficient Energy Solutions through LPG.
We always work towards enhancing our positive impact on customers, communities, future generations and environment – all in a sustainable manner.

SHV Beliefs

We seek to optimise our business performance and keep an eye open for opportunities. We work as a team for better results and keep hierarchy and bureaucracy to a minimum.

Shareholders are not looking for 'puffed up' quarterly or annual results, but for sustainable profit growth. They accept the risks of new endeavours.

Motivate by example, smile and find happiness in our work. It is important not to blame people. We all make mistakes and to blame is to be negative. If integrity and loyalty are not in doubt, a mistake might be the start of a better management.

When searching for niche markets, we don't dabble in general trends or fashions, but establish ourselves as a leading player in relevant markets.

Motivate by example, smile and find happiness in our work. It is important not to blame people. We all make mistakes and to blame is to be negative. If integrity and loyalty are not in doubt, a mistake might be the start of a better management.

No one knows everything, but we all know something. By listening to other people's ideas and thoughts we broaden our horizons.

To listen before speaking is to learn. The wise man or woman always benefits from the knowledge and experience of others.

After listening and learning, we can decide how to react. Never forget that doing nothing is also a decision.

The unusual is interesting; it challenges our intellect and creative spirit.

At all levels, our people are invited to look for the unusual and see how it can benefit our business.

This is essential for our success. The unusual may be exactly what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Change is around us at all times.

Do not be blind or deaf to it. Change creates opportunities.

We like to analyse change, discuss it with others, evaluate and challenge our own thoughts. We see change as the life force of our company and seek to manage it with understanding and wisdom.

Our Philosophy


SHV is a privately-held company and wishes to remain so.

SHV’s most important values are integrity and loyalty. Integrity means being honest, genuine and totally open to communication about all matters that concern the company. Good news may travel slowly, but bad news should travel fast. Loyalty means putting our best efforts into our work for the good of the company and its development.

Based on these values of integrity and loyalty of our people, SHV wishes to continue to grow for the benefit of our shareholders and employees, as well as for the well-being of communities in which we live and work.


 By making optimum use of all these resources, we are able to serve our customers on time, every time. SUPERGAS has developed a robust infrastructure comprising of import terminals, filling plants, depots at strategic locations to assure uninterrupted, quick and timely delivery of LPG – key factors that have helped earn the trust of its customers. These facilities are regularly upgraded and more filling plants are being added each year to meet the ever-growing needs.

The SUPERGAS infrastructure consists of 6 import terminals, 21+filling plants, 5 depots, fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles and 450+ strong franchisees. Since inception, we have been a proud recipient of the coveted CRISIL No 1 rating for our strong financial strength, infrastructure, franchisee network, safety and commitment to customer service.


Our Journey

Since inception in 1996, SUPERGAS has grown steadily, overcame many challenges, achieved numerous milestones, and in the process has become a leading LPG supplier in Indian LPG industry. All through the journey, we have adhered to our value system with a strong belief and unwavering passion to excel through technical solutions, innovation and customer service. With our vast experience, we fully leverage the capabilities of our resources and people to strengthen our position in the industry.