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LPG gas suppliers in India

The leading LPG gas suppliers in India

As the global leader in LPG supply & solutions,

We lead the pack in LPG services, sustainability, safety, D & I and innovation

SHV Purpose

A global company with leading LPG solutions and supply in India

Courage to care for generations to come- For everyone at SUPERGAS, every day provides the inspiration to create a better tomorrow for generations to come. 

We, the leading LPG suppliers in India, provide our beloved customers with energy that is easy to transport and store, has many versatile uses, and has a positive environmental impact. We're always innovating to make our customers' lives better. Over the years, we've expanded quickly to meet evolving needs and reach more customers. 

And obviously, clean and green energy is LPG!!! 

SUPERGAS, the supreme gas supplier and its customers have shared an incredible bond over the years. All our customers are immensely happy that they have been associated with SUPERGAS for many years, and in turn, it is a win-win for both. When it comes to LPG, SUPERGAS, the most trusted gas provider in India, has always stood true to its name. More than just supplying gas, we are committed to being your trusted business partner! 

SUPERGAS is proud to be part of the SHV Family of Companies. Over 50,000 people shape SHV, all sharing the same Purpose and Values

Our purpose is the glue that connects us. A long-term vision supported by our shareholders. For our people, for our planet, and for our performance.

LPG gas suppliers in India

Our Ambition

Equal opportunities
To build and develop a future proof and diverse inclusive workforce.

Good work conditions
To ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Community development
To drive sustainable development around us through education and knowledge.

Sustainable supply chain
To execute sustainable sourcing, production and distribution of our products and services.

Smaller footprint
To reduce (in)direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Customer satisfaction
To deliver real impact through exceptional products and services.

Sustainable growth
To grow responsibly and profitably.


Courage to let people lead
Because of an unwavering belief in our people we entrust them with responsibility, giving them the confidence to take the initiative, develop themselves and embrace new opportunities.
Courage to stay true to our principles
Working openly and honestly, we never compromise our values to boost our results. Our values are visible in our everyday actions.
Courage to shape the future
Driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, we explore different perspectives on the road to progress, while we listen, learn, and react to create and seize new opportunities.
Courage to see the best in all people
We recognize the true potential in all people, welcoming everyone as valued members of our family. We actively contribute to a safe working environment built on respect for each other.
Courage to deliver the exceptional
Passionate about the ongoing success of our people, our business, and the communities around us.
LPG gas suppliers in India


“To Lead in providing Efficient Energy Solutions through LPG in a Sustainable manner”
We lead in shaping a better tomorrow for our customers by offering Efficient Energy Solutions through LPG.
We always work towards enhancing our positive impact on customers, communities, future generations and environment – all in a sustainable manner.
LPG gas suppliers in India


 By making optimum use of all these resources, we are able to serve our customers on time, every time. SUPERGAS has developed a robust infrastructure comprising import terminals, filling plants, and depots at strategic locations to assure uninterrupted, quick, and timely delivery of LPG – key factors that have helped earn the trust of its customers. These facilities are regularly upgraded, and more facilities are being added each year to meet the ever-growing needs.

The SUPERGAS infrastructure consists of 7 import terminals, 20 filling plants, 4 depots, a fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles and 400+ strong franchisees. We have 2000+ industrial customers, 15000+ commercial customers, 1 L+ domestic customers and 45+ Auto LPG stations. Since inception, we have been a proud recipient of the coveted CRISIL No 1 rating for our strong financial strength, infrastructure, franchisee network, safety, and commitment to customer service.


Our Journey

Since inception in 1996, SUPERGAS has grown steadily, overcame many challenges, achieved numerous milestones, and in the process has become a leading LPG supplier in Indian LPG industry. All through the journey, we have adhered to our value system with a strong belief and unwavering passion to excel through technical solutions, innovation and customer service. With our vast experience, we fully leverage the capabilities of our resources and people to strengthen our position in the industry.