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LPG for commercial use

LPG for F & B establishments

Best commercial LPG cylinders for hotels,

restaurants & catering

Guaranteed quality & uninterrupted supply

Effortless cooking experience now comes handy

Whether you’re seating one or one hundred, we’ve got you covered

What’s common between a cozy little café at the corner street, a vibrant restaurant in a premium location and a bakery that bakes the best cakes in town?

The aroma of good food.
And, of course, the smiles on the faces of people eating.

Local cuisine, exotic delicacies or continental fusion – whatever graces the palette of your menu, LPG is undoubtedly the best cooking fuel for all. And that’s not all there is to it. With SUPERGAS’s quick and hassle-free service, it’s easy to switch your fuel or your supplier. Our trusted partnership is meant to help you grow. After all, we share a part of the joy you feel when you see a happy customer.

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