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LPG cylinder safety tips

LPG cylinder safety tips

For the well-being & optimal functionality of

your F&B establishment

As whatever you do, safety comes first

For the voyage of your venture, LPG cylinder safety tips are the ship

Here are a few wise words from the experts to help you sail safe

There are a lot of people in your hotel – customers and staff – so every moment is a crucial moment. For such events, when you don’t have enough time to pay attention to safety, SUPERGAS has a list of precautionary measures and safety tips for using LPG at the hotel. Because something as important as safety should never be pushed down to a secondary stage, we are here to help you stay prepared with our LPG cylinder safety tips. 


  • Always keep the cylinder in upright position with valve on top.
  • Always install the cylinder at ground level, keeping the LPG appliance at a higher level.
  • Retain safety cap with nylon thread attached to the cylinder.
  • Fix the cap on the valve when cylinder is not in use or to stop leak, if any.
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation at floor level and at top level.
  • Keep the area clean. Restrict entry to authorized persons only.
  • Shout and raise alarm/siren in case of unsafe conditions.
  • In case of leakage, stop all operations, close all isolation valves.
  • In case of valve leakage from cylinder, put the safety cap and take the cylinder to an open space.
  • Use D.C.P- type fire extinguishers in case of fire and/or call Fire Brigade.
  • Call Fire Brigade, SUPERGAS, if leakage is not controlled.
LPG cylinder safety tips
LPG cylinder safety tips


  • Don’t keep the cylinder exposed to sun, rain, dust and heat
  • Don’t heat the cylinder directly or indirectly
  • Don’t forget to check the cylinder for any leakage from the ‘O’ ring and valve before connecting
  • Don’t forget to turn off the valve when the cylinder is not in use
  • Don’t keep unconnected cylinders
  • Don’t keep any extra material in the LPG shed
  • Don’t allow battery-operated instruments inside the LPG shed
  • Don’t use any non-flame-proof electrical items inside the LPG shed
  • No smoking inside & around the LPG shed or area
  • No naked flame anywhere inside & around the LPG shed or area

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