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Committed to lowering carbon emissions

Advancing energy and sustaining environment hand in hand

Add sustainability to your business with SUPERGAS LPG, a fuel of choice for both present and future.

This year 2021 is where we enclave our growth for Sustainability. We believe to bring diversity and change, where our key understanding impacts our actions – to evolve and not just to develop. We emphasize the synthesis of transformations, developments and cover all the steps that make milestones to make our goals stronger:“Courage to Care, for Generations to Come”.

SUPERGAS Infrastructure

2021- Initiatives

  • Solar roof top, 105KW at 3 Filling plants
  • Roll out of truck-in and truck-out project at all Filling Plants
  • Volume contribution as per Year Plan from Energy Switch & Auto LPG
  • Nil change in electricity consumption per MT of cylinder filling compared to 2020
  • 90% of contracted vendors accepting SUPERGAS Supplier Code of Conduct
  • 3 Sustainability awareness events

Carbon Impact & Carbon Footprint in 2021

Our Value Creation Model

SUPERGAS intends to make impact over the short, medium and long term for our customers, our people and our planet. We use the Value Creation Model below to explain our business use the expertise at our disposal to meet goals, achieve good results and improve our impact.

0 0 7 4 2 4 t CO2 saved

Equivalent to

Carbon Footprint

Showcasing carbon footprint generated from all value chains in the previous year (2020) starting from extraction & production till the end use i.e. selling LPG. This measurement helps us in reducing it in coming years.

8 2 8 9 3 9 t CO2 generated

Equivalent to

Sustainability Report-2021

We at SUPERGAS have always gone the extra mile to ensure that our operations do not have an adverse impact on our environment. To make this journey more sustainable, visible and impactful, we released our Sustainability Report for the year 2021. We hope this report would become the yardstick for all our stakeholders to measure and understand our progress towards a greener business.


2020 Activities and Impact

Key Highlights

  • Carbon footprint reduction-880MT
  • Annual Savings- 1 Million INR

Asbestos Free Filling Plants & Terminals

Key Highlights

  • Converted 3 locations from Asbestos to Pre-painted Galvanized Iron Sheets
  • Area covered- 33,000 Sq.ft

Truck in Truck Out Project

Key Highlights:

  • Implemented at 5 locations
  • Saves 90 minutes per day for operators
  • Saving of paper/year- 600 KG

Key Highlights:

  • Assisted in laying 750 ft. deep-borewell at Parapathy Village, Madurai
  • Constructed 3 culverts in the stretch of S. Lingottam and Thoorpugudem Road at Chotuppal