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Sustainability Report

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Add sustainability to your business with SUPERGAS LPG, a fuel of choice for both present and future.

With a mission to help reduce carbon footprint, save cost shift from polluting liquid fuels like Furnace Oil, Diesel, Light Diesel Oil, etc. to LPG on a large scale, SUPERGAS is ensuring it’s relentless efforts towards bringing sustainability in LPG development, supply, and maintenance. We along with our stakeholders are working towards the betterment of the environment in addition to bringing greater value to the lives of our customers and their businesses. SUPERGAS is constantly innovating ways to match the constantly growing LPG industry and help to provide safe, sustainable solutions for a range of tasks. And we will continue to do so while increasing our role as a contributor to a low carbon global energy pathway in the years to come.

We Aim at

  • Good health, better well-being and a green environment
  • Affordable, cost-effective and clean energy
  • Optimized processes and automation
  • Responsible production and consumption on a collaborative mode for the common goals
Steven Sels, Executive Board Member of SHV Energy about SUPERGAS's contribution to Sustainability

2019 Activities and Impact

Key Highlights:-

  • Covered open to sky tanks at Chakan, Bavla and Porbandar
  • Can save 6.5 Million Litres of Water
  • Water loss reduces up to 70%
  • Annual Savings- INR 1.8 Million

Key Highlights:-

  • 60KW System at Porbandar Terminal; 34KW at Jaipur Filling Plant
  • Can produce 162,000 KWH electricity/year
  • Annual Savings- INR 1.3Million
  • Reduction in CO2-125,000 KG

Key Highlights:-

  • Planted around 1000 trees in 2acres of barren land
  • Took 6 months to develop
  • Cost Incurred- INR 3Million
  • Estimated to absorb 4-5 tons of CO2 annually

Key Highlights:-

Roof-top Solar Units- Donated 7.04KW Solar Roof-top unit to Shree Bhundiya Pragji Parshotam Charitable Trust which works for mentally challenged and homeless people.

Eco-friendly battery operated Garbage collection vehicles- In May 2019 SUPERGAS Foundation contributed two eco-friendly battery operated garbage collection and disposal vehicles to Kallapalayam village at Coimbatore and also to S. Lingotam village, Choutuppal, Hyderabad to reduce monthly diesel bills and pollution.

Sustainability Report-2019

We at SUPERGAS have always gone the extra mile to ensure that our operations do not have an adverse impact on our environment. To make this journey more sustainable, visible, and impactful, we are now launching our first-ever Annual Sustainability Report for the year 2019. We hope this report would become the yardstick for all our stakeholders to measure and understand our progress towards a greener business.

SUPERGAS Infrastructure

2020- Initiatives

  • Volume contribution as per Year Plan from Energy Switch & Auto LPG
  • Saving of Paper- Pilot for digitization for truck in and out
  • Two sustainability awareness programs
  • Nil change in electricity consumption per MT of cylinder filling compared to 2019
  • 40% of contracted vendors to accept SUPERGAS Supplier's code of conduct