Autogas Station Franchisee Opportunity

Progress through Partnership

Become an Auto LPG Franchisee

A green Investment that’s more than just profitable

A venture that will hone your entrepreneurial spirit

To drive the wheels of tomorrow, here’s a win-win situation

SUPERGAS gives you the right opportunity to nurture your dream while making sustainable changes for the environment. Franchisee options are available for Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS), and with our full-fledged assistance in business, marketing, safety, and training, our partnership ensures continuous progress for you.

How to Start 

How to Become SUPERGAS Auto LPG Franchisee

  • Application and site-suitability check

    After receiving the application, a preliminary site-suitability check is performed

  • LOI signing & initial PESO approval

    The Letter of Intent and initial PESO approvals are signed

  • NOC and other local approvals

    Following this step, the NOC and local approvals are obtained

  • Civil and mechanical work

    After obtaining approvals, civil and mechanical work begins

  • Applying for Rule 33 & final PESO license

    Once the construction is complete, the final license from PESO is obtained

  • Commissioning

    Auto Gas Station is commissioned and commercial sale begin

Benefits with SUPERGAS

Benefits of SUPERGAS Auto LPG Franchisee

  • Association with a global reputed brand ;Subsidiary of the Global LPG leader and Dutch MNC SHV Energy
  • Comprehensive technical support and safety guidance
  • Marketing support through branding, collaterals and outdoor activities
  • Workshop and training for customers, dispensing boys and franchisees
  • Regular training to nurture business and marketing skills
ALDS Franchisee

Eligibility Criteria

ALDS Overview

Eligibility Criteria

There are 2 business models for Auto LPG Franchisee: a) FOFO (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated) b) COFO (Company Owned Franchisee Operated)

a) FOFO – Rs. 85 lakhs to 1 crore.
b) COFO – Rs. 30 to 35 lakhs.

A registered company can also apply for an Auto LPG  franchisee

Association with (or management of) petrol pumps, super markets, auto dealership etc. would make an easy synergy

The site location should be prominently located on the main road with high traffic density and free access to the station for vehicles

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Partner Talk

I have been associated with SUPERGAS as a cylinder Franchisee since 1998. Their ideology of “Progress through Partnership” helps us in maintaining the leading position in the market. SUPERGAS’s technical knowledge and commitment to safety along with their product quality is indeed a differentiator. All the best to SUPERGAS and we wish this partnership to be more fruitful.