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Annual maintenance contract

LPG services for industries

Annual maintenance service

for your industrial LPG installation

Preventive & breakdown maintenance

AMC services for your equipment 

Customer tailored, as promised

SUPERGAS always strives towards providing better service for customers. We know maintenance and service are essential, so we keep track of your calendar. With the annual maintenance service of your equipment and installation, you can go for optimum efficiency and output. And that’s just some of its benefits. SUPERGAS gives you specialized annual maintenance for both cylinder and bulk LPG installations. Our LPG maintenance service is customized into Preventive and Breakdown maintenance. Safety is the first priority of our team of well-trained and technically competent specialists, SUPERGAS being the best annual maintenance provider for LPG. 


Benefits of Maintenance Services

  • Structured and process driven approach

    At SUPERGAS, we always follow a structured and process driven approach covering all the minute details.
  • Enhanced safety & continual guidance

    We provide continuous guidance for system improvement and spares management, thus underlining our commitment to your safety.
  • Quick response time of services

    Our prompt maintenance service and quick response time, every time, ensure your complete peace of mind.
  • Optimal installation performance

    The performance of LPG installation at your facility is optimal and even enhanced due to regular maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

This quarterly service is meant to avoid any unlikely future circumstances by providing timely intervention. SUPERGAS undertakes this maintenance of your LPG installation, including inspection, detection, and correction of incipient faults. So as to not overlook the minute details which might create problems later on, every visit comprises of a pre-defined set of checkpoints and maintenance activities. All observations are recorded in a detailed history sheet for future reference.
Annual maintenance contract

Breakdown Maintenance

Annual maintenance contract

Breakdown Maintenance

In case of equipment breakdown, SUPERGAS provides a cost-efficient breakdown maintenance service. Our expert team quickly minimizes operational equipment downtime by carrying out a detailed root cause analysis and repairing or replacing equipment parts as required. This maintenance service not only repairs the equipment but also prevents its future occurrence. 

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High-Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and the icing on the cake is their value-added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with a win-win situation for us and them.