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Looking for an LPG connection with minimal documentation?

How much ever digitalization may play an important role in our hectic lives, getting a new LPG connection can be quite cumbersome. Many of us think that the entire process of obtaining a connection is…


Design to quality, storage to installation, all-in-one package - SUPERGAS Bulk Installation

Apart from the main storage tank/s, many other important components impact the safety of a Bulk LPG storage installation. Let’s have a look at the main vital safety points to be kept in mind while considering…


Want to know how to choose the right LPG supplier for your F & B business?

Whether it be a restaurant, café, hotel, or any Food & Beverage industry, LPG plays a major role in catering to all cooking needs. LPG is known for its precise temperature control, high heat transfer…


Let's act together to build a positive Safety and Health culture!

As you know, every year, World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed on April 28th. The day is dedicated to creating awareness and preventing accidents and occupational diseases at workplaces…


LPG, Powering India's Textile Industry!

India’s Textile Industry is the second largest textile industry globally, and the scenario started changing immensely after the LPG usage began in textile processes. The textile industry of India also…



We are in the digital age. Even “analog” businesses such as the oil and gas, chemical, or material industries benefit from the incredible power hidden in the vast quantities of data produced and harvested…


SUPERGAS Chatbot- in your service, all time, every time!

So that's us! Now that you're here, what are you keen to know more about? …asks our WhatsApp Chatbot

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Retesting Date for a Cylinder? Deep Diving into the information

Do you have a habit of checking the expiry date for everything you buy? If yes, we appreciate you! That’s quite an excellent habit. But do you know that along with the ingredients that you use for…


Safety is priceless; we invest in it- Coupling & De-Coupling of Maxima initiative

If your industrial unit has high consumption in a limited space and you want to start operations within a short time frame, then SUPERGAS’s 450Kg Maxima installation is the best choice is the best choice.…


LPG An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels Restaurants Cafes

Who does not like getting dressed up and eating good food? Laughter indeed is brightest in the place where tasty food is!We all love visiting restaurants, hotels, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, eateries,…


Hydro Test for New Bulk Cylinders by SUPERGAS- Ensuring Maximum Safety and Efficiency

We might have often heard of the Hydrostatic tests being conducted periodically for the new cylinders and even old ones. Let us know in detail what this process is all about and why it is crucial for our…


SUPERGAS's firm foundations of Safety & Trust reflect the immense strength of our business pillars!

Safety is everyone's responsibility. Thus, everyone's collective efforts are required to ensure that we go the extra mile to have safety as a prime focus. SUPERGAS has always prioritized its stakeholder's…