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How LPG Improves Industrial Operations and Efficiency


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9 Effective Tips to Save Cooking Gas at Home

Do you want to avoid constantly running out of your LPG while whipping delicious meals at home? Despite being a highly efficient kitchen fuel, managing LPG consumption can feel like never-ending battle.…


LPG vs LNG: the debate of which is the better industrial fuel?

The world we live in today relies heavily on liquid fuels, but due to environmental concerns and cost efficiency, more and more industries are turning to CNG, LPG and LNG fuels. These fuels are widely…


Why is LPG a clear winner in terms of calorific value for the industries?

Calorific value For any industrial engineer, this term would be used in their daily vocabulary. But what really is calorific value? It’s defined as the total amount of heat liberated when a unit mass…


What do you know about Flue Gas Analysis?

As per the definition, flue gas (sometimes called exhaust gas or stack gas) is the gas that emanates from combustion plants and which contains the reaction products of fuel and combustion air and residual…


SUPERGAS LPG- Profitising commercial HoReCa businesses

Do you know that LPG usage came into existence in the 1800s and was first used for lighting the streets? LPG cooking was introduced after the 1950s, and it initially met opposition as it was thought it…

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SUPERGAS Auto LPG Dealership

SUPERGAS's Auto LPG Dealership- an incredible business opportunity! LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a clean-burning fuel made from crude oil. In many instances, it can be used as a direct replacement…

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Have you tried LPG for the Foam Extrusion application

Many people reading this blog think of LPG as the fuel serving their kitchen or, in some rare cases, an automotive fuel. We believe this is a gross injustice to both the people and the fuel because; LPG…


SHV Energy expands its LPG terminal capacity by 30,000 metric tonnes in Tuticorin, India

SHV Energy has expanded its cryogenic LPG storage terminal facility in Tuticorin, India. The expansion ensures LPG supply to the Indian market, primarily through SHV Energy’s Indian subsidiary SUPERGAS.…


Safety tips for your industrial manifold

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, everyone’s collective efforts are required to have safety as a prime focus. This blog takes you through safety tips in and around the Industrial LPG manifold.    Tip…


SUPERGAS’s LPG- apt for Metal Pre-Heating Application

The development of new, high-strength steel has shot up industrial productivity and the durability of equipment and infrastructure. However, the improvement in the mechanical properties of steel means…



High-Speed Diesel is a middle distillate from the fractional distillation column. Though majorly used as an automotive fuel, HSD is also used as industrial fuel for generating heat. Compared to other fuels, this…