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5 Strategies to Reduce Fuel Costs with Industrial LPG

As industries struggle with rising fuel prices and environmental pressures, finding innovative ways to stretch every drop of fuel becomes crucial. 


5 Myths about Converting your Car from Petrol to LPG

The Indian car market is witnessing a significant shift with a rise in fuel prices and a growing focus on environmental responsibility. 

Auto LPG

Use of LPG in Commercial Laundry Systems

Keeping mountains of towels, sheets, and uniforms spotless is demanding, so commercial laundry services rely on robust systems to deliver consistently clean results.


LPG for Brazing Process in Home Appliances Industry

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been the cornerstone of reliable and efficient cooking for decades. However, its role is not limited to our stoves. 


Heaterless Vapourizer- The Energy Saviour

The most common cylinder installation system in large-scale industries is LOT, or Liquid Off-Take cylinders. These LOT cylinders, designed for large consumptions, are crucial as they deliver a consistent…


Transforming Customer Service Experience with SUPERGAS Care

At SUPERGAS, we are passionate about innovation and our vision to deliver the exceptional for the people, businesses, and communities we serve. SUPERGAS Care, a one-of-a-kind customer service app, is a…


Diverse Opportunities for an LPG Franchisee in India

With the increasing demand for clean and efficient energy, the LPG franchisee business is growing rapidly in the country. 


How LPG can enhance the performance of Iron and Steel production

LPG benefits in improving efficiency, quality and environmental performance of iron and steel production processes, such as reheating, annealing, galvanizing, forging, and casting. 


Impact of LPG on Agriculture Sector

LPG can help farmers improve their productivity, reduce their environmental impact, and save costs.


Health and Safety Leadership at SUPERGAS

We believe every employee, customer, and stakeholder deserves a safe and healthy environment to operate. 


How to Cook Outdoors with Safety and Convenience Using LPG

Are you planning to host an outdoor event or go camping with your friends and family? If so, you might be wondering how to cook delicious meals without compromising on safety and convenience.


9 Effective Tips to Save Cooking Gas at Home

Despite being a highly efficient kitchen fuel, managing LPG consumption can feel like never-ending battle. You are not alone in it!