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4 kg mini LPG cylinder

4 kg domestic cylinder

Mini cylinder, popularly suitable for your family

for your small family

4 kg gas cylinder for all cooking needs

Our 4 kg mini-LPG cylinder is tailor-made for the two of you 

Resolute for all the cooking needs of a small family.

Are the two of you moving together to a new home or looking for a backup cylinder when the main runs out unexpectedly? Whatever the requirement may be, our 4 kg domestic LPG cylinder will fill the void with the best-in-class LPG from SUPERGAS. Safety has always been of paramount importance to us, and our 4 kg mini-LPG cylinder comes with state-of-the-art safety features. Top government bodies like PESO and ISI approve our cylinder.

With our hassle-free on-spot connection, you can start cooking and relishing the food. What more? We also provide an optional cooktop for you to just jump in and start cooking. You don’t have to fret over underfilling as all our cylinders pass through stringent quality checks to make sure we deliver quality LPG with the promised quantity on time, every time. With a vast range of possible utilities, the SUPERGAS 4 kg mini-LPG domestic cylinder is the ultimate cylinder for your cooking needs.

Why 4Kg Cylinder


  • The 4 KG LPG cylinder comes with an optional Black Powder Coated cooktop.
  • The cylinder goes through SUPERGAS’s strict quality checks to ensure it is robust and safe for your use.
  • ISI and the Government of India’s explosives department have approved it
  • The cylinder is light-weight, portable and easy to carry.

Franchisee Locator

With 400+ cylinder franchisee, SUPERGAS provides New Gas Connection/ Refill Order in 24 working hours. Click below to locate the nearest franchisee.

Price Details

4Kg LPG Cylinder with Cooktop
100% Refundable Deposit
Franchisee Administration Charges
Gas Cost
As per location*
4Kg LPG Cylinder without Cooktop
100% Refundable Deposit
Franchisee Administration Charges
Gas Cost
As per location*
Not Applicable


Get a new connection within 24 hours of us receiving the relevant documents.
An address proof and a valid ID proof. The address proof can also be a self-attested letter.

One-time security deposit that is paid at the time of a new connection.

Our stringent quality checks in plants ensured IS 4576 certification.

A phone call is enough for us to spring in to action and complete the delivery within 24 hours.

Refill Price of the Cylinder

Find your current local refill price (incl. GST)  

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

Many thanks to SUPERGAS for their extremely efficient services in providing the gas connection so quickly. I am overwhelmed by the professional approach of the team at "SUPERGAS" in rendering "Super" efficient services. CONGRATULATIONS! I have no hesitation in saying that the service level is truly delightful and wish them success for their customer-centric approach.