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Electronic auto changeover device

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Revolutionary auto change over device

Save more & control more

with EACD Plus

EACD from SUPERGAS- for more professional approach

An automated device that controls fuel wastage and saves unwanted production halts.

We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied. SUPERGAS is continuously striving to improve its products and services. And we commit to our words of action.

As pioneers of the LPG supply industry, we bring you the industry’s most powerful operational product, the Electronic Auto Change-over Device (EACD). It works with a Programmable Logic Controller which switches the LPG supply to another source automatically, in case the primary cylinder bank is empty. EACD is one prime technological innovation for those who love hassle-free and convenient operations. It extends the power of automation in the customer’s hands.

What it is about

This device is 100% automated, giving you greater control over LPG tank limit tracking with real-time low-fuel alerts. When the gas in one manifold arm is exhausted, EACD Plus helps in switching over automatically to the other manifold arm. It will also send an SMS & E-mail notification once the gas reaches a specific limit. Our EACD Plus offers complete automation for the change-over of LPG manifold banks giving greater control in terms of real-time information, superior safety, telemetry compatibility and hassle-free operation and convenience. 

Why it is needed

Maxima LPG Installation

Why opt EACD from SUPERGAS

Say no to mechanical lever shifting with EACD from SUPERGAS

Get in more control with upstream and downstream low-pressure indications, SMS low fuel level alerts and more.

Easy handling of pressure switches, hassle-free solenoid valve maintenance and telemetry compatibility are some of the key benefits of using EACD by SUPERGAS.
Hassle-free operation and convenience, with system pressure switch and panel integration.

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