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Energy saving solutions for hotels

Energy saving solutions for hotels

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Energy-saving solutions that are light on your pocket, good for the environment 

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It is one thing to be a consumer and another thing to be a smart user with our energy-saving solutions. All resources on our planet, as we know them, are limited, so it is necessary to conserve them and use them optimally. It takes only a little effort and preparation to save LPG, which in turn can be very beneficial for your pocket and the environment. Don’t just be a consumer – be a smart user with energy storage and saving. 

How to save energy

Before lighting the stove, prepare and keep all materials required for cooking within reach. Do not keep the flame burning. 
As compared to ordinary cooking, experiments have shown fuel savings from 20% to 46% with pressure cooking, making it one of the fastest and most economical ways of cooking. 

Surplus water wastes fuel and when the excess water is drained, precious nutrients are lost. Therefore, in order to save fuel and retain the nutrition of the food, it is advisable to use optimum quantity of water.

Lowering the flame when the contents of a vessel reach the boiling point not only saves fuel, but also reduces the unnecessary wastage of water through evaporation.
Soaking ingredients in water plays a vital role in fuel saving. Experiments show about 22% less fuel consumption when the ingredients are soaked in water overnight. 
Energy saving solutions for hotels
Energy saving solutions for hotels

How to save energy

In order to save fuel, it is, therefore advisable to cover the flame as much as possible by using shallow, wide and broad vessels.
To avoid heat being lost to the environment (and thus, wasting fuel), it is advisable to cover the cooking vessels and pans with a lid. 
The small burner consumes 6% to 10% less fuel and at the same time clean burner will helps in saving fuel. Therefor it is important to clean the burner.


A coating of un-dissolved salts, which is usually found on the insides of kettles and cookers, reduces the flow of heat to vessel’s contents and increases fuel consumption by 10%. In order to avoid that and save fuel, all the cooking vessels should be scrubbed clean.

For higher efficiency, it is always recommended to use ‘ISI’ marked LPG stove and other appliances as well for the thermal efficiency level of which is 68%+ and saves up to 15% of gas.

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