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Forklift LPG supply

LPG for industries

Give your industrial

forklift the power of LPG

Lift, engage, move & transfer with efficiency

Power up your Forklift engines with SUPERGAS LPG

Design for exceptional reliability, safety and productivity

A forklift is an excellent tool for storage systems and handling. It can perform stacking, lifting, loading, distribution, and a lot more with utmost safety and comfort. SUPERGAS brings you superior quality forklift LPG-powered cylinders for forklifts. Designed for your safety, these cylinders are as environmentally friendly as the fuel inside them. Light, medium, or heavy, depending on your daily dealing capacity, SUPERGAS LPG gas cylinders power up your forklift engines the best. Smooth operations of the engine also enhance operator safety, comfort, and stability. LPG-powered forklifts are the best, indeed! 

What we Offer

Specially Designed Cylinders

Crafted as per the requirements of forklift trucks, SUPERGAS gives you the power of clean and green, eco-friendly LPG. Its residue-free supreme composition is suited for smooth operation for all types of processes, including light to heavy lifting and shifting. We understand the importance of horizontal usage of cylinders in forklift trucks and design the cylinders the way it’s accessible. LPG distribution through these smartly built cylinders is sure to reach all levels from high to low, resulting in consistent output and helping you cut operation costs and increase your savings. 

Why opt for SUPERGAS

Benefits of SUPERGAS

  • LPG cylinders designed for safety

    Your safety is our prime priority. All forklift LPG cylinders by SUPERGAS are fitted with special valves to ensure 100% safety. It’s a threaded valve and adapter joint is engineered to eliminate any leakage issues.
  • Increased output, less maintenance cost

    Our specially designed cylinders ensure equal LPG distribution, which ensures consistent and uniform load carrying capacity, ultimately enhancing the output limits. With 100% usage of LPG, wastage ratio decreases and savings on maintenance costs improves.
  • Eco-friendly, high-productivity cylinders

    High octane makes, zero harmful smoke emissions and negligible operational noises make LPG cylinders by SUPERGAS the most eco-friendly option for forklift machines.
  • Uniform engine performance, No throttling

    With SUPERGAS you can now completely forget the throttling issue while emptying the conventional LPG cylinders. Also, with optimum utilization of LPG forklift engines receives power lift and enjoys uniformity in performance.

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High-Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and the icing on the cake is their value-added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with a win-win situation for us and them.