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LPG-the best fuel choice

What is LPG

LPG is a multi-purpose energy

with literally thousands of applications

It is the fuel your industry desires

LPG is truly an efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly energy source 

catering to domestic, commercial, industrial & auto segments

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in a liquefied form. LPG is a colourless, low-carbon and highly efficient fuel. Supplied in two main forms, propane (C3H8) and butane (C₄H₁₀), LPG has a range of uses – from providing fuel for cooking gas in the home or commercial food & beverage establishments, powering fuel for industries, autogas vehicles, and much more.

LPG is an exceptional energy source due to its origin, benefits, applications, and its industry. As a clean and innovative energy, it offers benefits to consumers, industry, and the environment. With immediate and global availability, environmental benefits, natural co-product origin, transportation flexibility and diverse application, LPG plays a pivotal role in the transition towards a more secure, sustainable, and competitive energy model. 

  • Portable: 

 LPG can be transported, stored, and used virtually anywhere in the world. It does not require a fixed network and will not deteriorate over time. 

  • Clean: 

  LPG is clean burning and has lower greenhouse gas emissions than any other fossil fuel when measured on a total fuel cycle. Originating mainly from natural gas                production, it is non-toxic and non-contaminant.  

  • Accessible: 

LPG can be accessible to everyone everywhere today without major infrastructure investment. Nothing needs to be invented, and there are enough reserves to last              many decades. 

  • Efficient: 

LPG is cost-effective since a high proportion of its energy content is converted into heat. LPG can be much more efficient than traditional fuels, resulting in less energy wastage and better use of our planet's resources. 

  • Convenient: 

LPG is multi-purpose energy. There are more than a thousand applications, from cooking, heating, air conditioning and transportation to industrial usage and even the Olympic torch! 

Forms of LPG

Did you know that propane, butane, Autogas and BioLPG are all forms of LPG? That’s right. And whilst they’re all forms of LPG, they each have their individual uses.

So what’s propane used for? Propane is used for BBQs, off-grid domestic LPG central heating, LPG gas cookers, caravans, plus numerous other residential and commercial applications. 
And when would I use butane? Butane is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, plus is often used as refrigeration fuel and as a propellant in both household and industrial environments.
Autogas is the LPG on wheels – fuelling 3 wheelers and 4wheelers. You may have seen Autogas being sold in various Autogas stations across India and is known as the greener option for automotive fuel.
Last –and most definitely not least – is BioLPG. Calor is the first energy company to supply BioLPG. It’s 40% renewable and functions exactly the same as conventional LPG. So there’s no need to change any of your LPG appliances.
LPG-the best fuel choice

Applications of LPG