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SUPERGAS's LPG for Metal Pre-Heating

Impact of LPG on Pre Heating

Switching to SR-Grade LPG from Electricity

A case study of a customer who achieved significant cost savings, eliminated downtime due to power outages, by choosing a reliable fuel source for their operations.



This case study explores how a prominent Stainless Steel Ingots manufacturer transitioned from electricity to LPG for scrap preheating. By understanding the customer's electricity usage, costs, and maintenance challenges, SUPERGAS identified an opportunity for conversion to a more efficient and cost-effective energy source. The move to LPG was not only strategic but also implemented in a manner contributing to operational efficiency and overall cost reduction.

Role of LPG in Pre Heating

Scrap pre-heating is a process used in the steel manufacturing industry, especially in the production of stainless-steel ingots. It involves heating steel scrap to a certain temperature before it is fully melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF). This pre-heating step is crucial as it can significantly reduce the energy required for melting the scrap, improve the efficiency of the furnace, and reduce the overall production time.

LPG provides a steadier and more controllable heating option than electricity, crucial for preserving steel quality. Additionally, LPG's combustion produces intense heat, resulting in faster and more efficient preheating compared to conventional methods.

Benefits of Partnering with SUPERGAS

Customers was concerned about the reliable supply and storage of LPG due to their high consumption.

SUPERGAS addressed these issues by showcasing the benefits of LPG over electricity and proposing an 8X450 Maxima installation tailored to their needs. SUPERGAS's comprehensive solution, encompassing expert knowledge, dedicated support, and efficient products and services, greatly satisfied the customer by solving issues through streamlined cylinder management, direct supply chain, IVRS automated ordering, and notable cost savings compared to electricity, boosting their confidence and satisfaction.

    Operational Impact Study

While Using Electricity After Switching to LPG 
Power Outages interrupted the operations Smooth and uninterrupted LPG Supply with lesser no. of cylinders to handle.
Lack of automated order management system EACD+ and IVRS System to reduce the issue of manual ordering.
Over Consumption of Electricity Unit for Pre-Heating application  Approximately Rs.12,00,000/- per annum cost saving by conversion as well as maintenance which they were incurring in the electric preheating oven.
 Downtime of Furnace due to Maintenance &Frequent Maintenance with High Cost  No downtime for cleaning/maintenance of the furnace.