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Autogas for vehicles

Autogas for vehicles

Autogas is today the most accepted alternative

fuel in the automotive sector with

millions of vehicles operating worldwide

Reduce carbon emissions & contribute towards sustainability with Autogas 

Proven as an effective and high-efficiency fuel, LPG Autogas is the need of the hour 

.As the fleet of LPG-powered vehicles doubles around the world, SUPERGAS Auto LPG helps you stay committed towards your green environment goals and grow your savings simultaneously. Switch over from petrol/diesel to LPG today and do your bit to save mother earth from harmful chemical emissions. With every km you drive, you save on your fuel bills and add to the life of your vehicle engine, improve its performance, and enhance the air quality around you for a cleaner future. 

LPG goes far beyond providing autos and cars with a clean fuel alternative. Autogas also powers ATVs, trucks, golf carts, three-wheelers, forklift trucks and street-cleaning vehicles. Auto LPG is also used on the water to power small recreational crafts and large ships as well as in the air, with hot air balloons and even small aircraft using this exceptional energy source. 

The main advantages of Auto LPG:  

  • Pollution Free 

Auto LPG is less harmful to the environment. It generates minimal CO2 and is low in Sulphur, nitrogen, and other particulate matter, all of which contribute to pollution.  

  • Cost-Effective 

The average yearly price of Auto LPG per litre is generally less than the price of petrol and diesel, but this varies throughout the year on most dual fuel conversions.  

  • No Compromise in Performance 

Auto LPG has an excellent safety record, owing to the strength and integrity of the fuel tank, which is safer than the other liquid fuels, and the performance is at par with diesel and petrol. 

Benefits of Auto LPG

  • High Octane Ensures better engine performance
  • Zero engine noise for a smoother drive
  • Improves engines life twice than that of diesel/petrol
  • Lesser carbon emissions result in lower fouling of spark plugs.
  • A less corrosive fuel saves vehicle parts from damage.
  • Zero residue fuel free of any lead or benzene.
  • Highly economical saves fuel bills up to 40%
Autogas for vehicles

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