Auto Gas Station


Drive with Clean & Green Fuel

Save up to 30% of your fuel bills with Auto LPG

Reduce carbon emissions, contribute towards green environment with SUPERGAS Auto LPG

Proven as an effective and high-efficiency fuel, Auto LPG is the need of the hour

As the fleet of vehicles doubles around the world, SUPERGAS Auto LPG helps you stay committed towards your green environment goals and grow your savings simultaneously. Switch over from petrol/diesel to LPG today and do your bit to save the mother earth from harmful chemical emissions. With every km you drive, you save on your fuel bills and add on to the life your vehicle engine, improve its performance and enhance the air quality around you for a cleaner future.

Benefits of Auto LPG

  • High Octane Ensures better engine performance
  • Zero engine noise for a smoother drive
  • Improves engines life twice than that of diesel/petrol
  • Lesser carbon emissions result in lower fouling of spark plugs.
  • A less corrosive fuel saves vehicle parts from damage.
  • Zero residue fuel free of any lead or benzene.
  • Highly economical saves fuel bills up to 40%

Auto LPG Station Locator

SUPERGAS Auto LPG Stations are located at prominent cities for hassle free filling of Auto Gas

Auto LPG Price per Litre

Find your current local price per litre (incl. GST)