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Energy saving tips

Energy conservation tips

Advice on saving energy

Follow the basics and savings will follow you

From fuel cost to environment, and everything in between

All good advice in the world is free, like our energy savings tips for your home 

Ignoring them, however, might come at a cost

Did you check the seal? Is the food still cooking? Did you turn off the regulator?

There are numerous things one needs to keep in mind from right after purchasing LPG to using and storing it. These are not merely energy-saving ideas for home; they are responsibilities that come along with the exceptional energy that is LPG.

Because there is no source of infinite clean energy on the Earth, we believe it is absolutely necessary to save energy and fuel – not only to cut down on your consumption and costs but also to adopt healthy and sustainable practices for a better future. So that our children can live with the same ease and access that we have. Maybe even better.

While connecting a filled LPG cylinder

  • Remove the safety cap from the valve
  • Check the cylinder valve and other joints for any leaks using soap solution
  • The regulator is turned to the off position
  • All valves on the appliance are closed & the connecting pipe to the appliance is closely fitted
  • Put the regulator on top of the cylinder valve. Place hand on top of the regulator and push down firmly and vertically until you hear a click.
  • Once the regulator is correctly fitted, turn knob to ‘ON’ position
Energy saving tips
Energy saving tips

While disconnecting an empty cylinder

  • Put off all flames and fires in the room/kitchen
  • Close all the knobs of the LPG appliance
  • Never disconnect the regulator with the knob in on position.
  • Turn the knob of the regulator to off position.
  • Pull the regulator out or pull up the ring and lift the regulator out.
  • After disconnecting, replace the safety cap onto the cylinder valve and press.

Save Cost with LPG

  • Collect all raw materials before cooking
  • Avoid open vessel cooking
  • Use a Pan that covers the burner
  • Wipe utensils dry before placing them on the burner
  • Cook on low flame
  • Do not overcook
  • Soak lentils , rice in water for minimum 3 hours before cooking them
  • Use water moderately
Energy saving tips

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