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For industrial

LPG for Industry

A smart & sustainable industrial fuel

We're all about powering you with industrial LPG gas

Sustainable & productive Industrial LPG

with the flexibility & high degree-precision

Do you run a small-scale manufacturing facility or one that serves a more extensive customer base? Whatever the scale of your industrial operations, we understand that your energy requirements extend beyond the ordinary! For these unique requirements of yours, we have equally impressive LPG solutions to offer.

LPG is a highly efficient energy source that is safe and saves on operational and maintenance costs. It has a wide spectrum of more than a thousand applications across industries. With its high heat transfer efficiency, high calorific value, and nil particulate emissions, LPG is your go-to fuel, making your productivity skyrocket! All this, combined with SUPERGAS's S.R. grade LPG & prompt and reliable services, is an upgrade worth investing in. 

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