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The development of new, high-strength steel has shot up industrial productivity and the durability of equipment and infrastructure. However, the improvement in the mechanical properties of steel means it is more susceptible to cold cracks and fissures while welding or cutting.

To avoid any such undesirable results due to uneven thickness or chemical composition of the base material, pre-heating is necessary before the commencement of welding. LPG is the best suited fuel for metal pre heating not simply because of its high heat transfer efficiency, but also because of its controlled and even distribution of heat. And with SUPERGAS LPG, you can achieve a lot more with a lot less.

Why opt for LPG

Benefits of LPG

Higher calorific value compared to other liquid fuels, less processing time and no harmful emissions reduce fuel cost and environmental impact of LPG.

Controlled, direct heating increases the heat transfer efficiency, providing uniform heating resulting in better finished quality of the product.
Due to the higher calorific value of LPG, more batches can be processed in less time and fuel, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

LPG undergoes complete combustion and leaves negligible residue or soot, reducing the maintenance cost of the combustion system and increasing equipment life.

Benefits of LPG for Industry

Why opt for SUPERGAS


What makes SUPERGAS the best LPG provider for Metal Preheating Application

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    Quick and always on-time

    With 6 import terminals, 21+ filling plants and a fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles.
  • Installation and maintenance

    Storage system design, regulation, engineering and maintenance for efficiency.
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    Commitment to Safety

    Periodic safety audits, safety trainings and stringent quantity & quality checks.
  • Round the clock support

    24x7 support availability in case of any emergencies.

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Customer Testimonial

Industrial Customer

A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and icing on the cake is their value added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with the win-win situation for us and them.