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Flue Gas analysis

Flue gas analysis

Utilise the benefits of

high calorific value of LPG

For optimal performance & efficiency

SUPERGAS, a choice that makes a difference with flue gas analysis

Committed to ensuring complete efficiency with optimal functioning

Save environment, energy and cost while increasing the efficiency with industry’s most reliable combustion data analysis. Operating with the highest energy efficiency with the least impact on the environment is the biggest challenge of the industry in the 21st century. Analysis of fuel gases as a diagnostic tool for efficiency and prevention of pollution in boilers is the most efficient way to keep the environment near you safe from hazardous elements. Our flue gas analysers are highly experienced and trained.

SUPERGAS, being one of the leading suppliers of superior quality LPG for industries, ensures the safety of our customers as well as the safety of mother earth. Our expert team of engineers recommend periodic checking of the combustion systems to help detect manufacturing units detect inefficiencies at an early stage and improve overall production.

How it Works

How the Flue Gas Analysis is carried

The analysis of boiler gases as a method to optimize the fuel/air ratio by measuring the amount of excess oxygen and CO in the flue gases. As a result of combustion, plant operators can operate in the best way with the efficiency of the heat rate and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and emission of NOX (toxic gas). However, operating burners never reach the ideal operating point, and the best point will generally result in 1 to 3% excess air and 0 to 200 PPM of CO. This optimal operating point is different for each boiler. A higher fuel injection rate induces greater turbulence through the burners, providing a better fuel/air mixture and allowing operation with a lower excess of O2 before unburned fuel appears.

The way to know what happens in the combustion process is to analyze the components that affect complete combustion. In this way, you can predict the behaviour of the boiler burners and anticipate the wear of these boilers, working with a safe mix, which does not expose the integrity of the operation working with a potentially explosive mixture. We recommend the Flue Gas Analysis test be undertaken once in every 6 months to ensure the effective and optimal functioning of the combustion system. 

Flue Gas Analysis


LPG for Industry


With periodic flue gas analysis, you can effectively ensure cost-saving with annual energy usage sustainability and control. 
SUPERGAS flue gas analysis allows to view of what happens in the process and prevent high levels of CO that are polluting, from spreading into the environment.

SUPERGAS advise you and works on the implementation of oxygen and CO2 sensors, defining the critical points of your process and thus guaranteeing the efficiency of your processes.

SUPERGAS’ flue gas analysis process modifies the working of your machines and ads on to the production to improve the performance quality and optimize your goals towards the safety of the environment.

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