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A new connection that never fails to spread smiles

It’s easy and hassle-free to get a new LPG connection with SUPERGAS. The process involves minimal paperwork and ensures quick and on-time delivery. Our team of experts is ready to guide through everything from installation to refill combined with our reliable after-sales services.

We have been powering lakhs of kitchens for more than two decades and we are sure that a good homemade meal always paves the way for a better day and a healthier life.

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Available Cylinder Options

What do you get to choose from?

New Connection Process

How do you get a new connection?

  • Time for New Gas Connection

    Provide your details in website/ordering portal. To make it more convenient, just download mobile app or call nearest franchisee

    New LPG Connection
  • We are there to guide you to get the best connection

    Get personalized suggestions based on your cooking needs and the size of your family to choose the right connection

    New LPG Connection
  • Tell us about yourself

    Produce relevant KYC- a valid photo ID proof and address proof to process the new gas connection.

    LPG Refill Order
  • Time is definitely of the essence

    We make sure you receive your new SUPERGAS connection within 24 working hours for you to start cooking.

    New LPG Connection for Home



What makes us unique? Well, a few things that makes us to stand apart from our peers 

  • We are quick and reliable

    The connection process is pure convenience takes just 24 working hours, sometimes even less.
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    Minimal Documentation

    A valid Photo ID proof and an address proof is all we ask for. We even accept self-attested letters for address proof.
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    Your money is safe with us

    The one-time security deposit that is paid at the time of a new connection is fully refundable
  • We assure quality & quantity

    Our LPG adheres to the IS 4576 with fervent devotion.

Benefits of LPG

Benefits of LPG

LPG undergoes complete combustion. Which means it creates no fumes or residue.

LPG has more heat transfer efficiency compared to other fuels.

LPG can be stored in cylinders for longer periods without any spillage. 

Combustion of LPG creates no soot. Burners have longer life, hence maintenance is low.

Compared to other conventional fuels, LPG lasts longer and is more economical.

New LPG Connection for Home

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Many thanks to SUPERGAS for their extremely efficient services in providing the gas connection so quickly. I could never imagine that a missed call on a number given will be taken so seriously and followed up vigorously. I am overwhelmed by professional approach of Team at "SUPERGAS" in rendering "Super" efficient services. CONGRATULATIONS! I have no hesitation in saying that service level is truly delightful and wish them success for their customer centric approach.