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Uses of LPG

Uses of LPG

Make the most of this

exceptional fuel for cooking

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The uses of LPG gas for home use begin in your kitchen and keep going on

Here is a fuel with limitless possibilities

LPG is used for cooking as a highly efficient fuel. It is economical, and its excellent heating capacity helps you cook your food in less time, saving you a lot on fuel costs. It undergoes complete combustion and produces no residue and particulate matter, which means minimum maintenance cost and lesser carbon footprint. And that’s just some of the benefits of LPG for domestic use that you can count on your fingers.

LPG has a plethora of benefits which can be a life-changing experience for its users. It’s good for your health, your kitchen and our environment. Paying a little attention while working with LPG can make it even more beneficial, so you can save enough to plan your long-awaited road trip to your favorite destination.

Here is an overview of the benefits of this exceptional fuel:

LPG is easy to control with instant on and off activation at the twist of a knob, thus offering better control over cooking. In addition, adjustment of intensity/size in the form of visible blue flame is easy to regulate the required rate of heating, making it possible to cook at the desired temperature 

LPG can cook faster than any other fuels because of its high calorific value
LPG stoves emit less overall heat than any other cooking device, thus keeping your kitchen temperature unaffected 
LPG is convenient and safe to use

Compared to other conventional fuels, LPG is more economical. LPG stoves and burners require less maintenance as compared to other cooking forms.

LPG creates the least greenhouse gas emission of all the available fossil fuels. Cooking with LPG can help reduce the greenhouse gas emission by up to 70%.

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