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with heaterless vapouriser

A valuable enhancement for your LPG installation- Heaterless Vapouriser 

To be truly sustainable is to keep our eyes open

The majority of our country is still powered on electricity produced by burning coal. It has a huge carbon footprint. While considering sustainable measures, it is necessary to save electricity at each available point. In a LOT manifold system, an external energy source is needed to convert liquid LPG to vapour LPG. Using conventional Electrical Vapouriser for this process escalates cost and carbon footprint, which is a concern to be overcome. The SUPERGAS’s Heaterless Vapouriser, popularly known as HLV, is an energy-efficient alternative and innovative product, far better than the Electrical Vapouriser. It works on the Principle of Thermodynamics, saves on operational cost and maintenance, reduces carbon footprint, starts immediately and is safer. 

How it Works

Working Principle

The Heaterless Vapouriser uses the Principle of Thermodynamics to convert liquid LPG into vapour LPG. Inside the vapouriser, LPG passes through a flashing valve where it undergoes adiabatic expansion to reduce pressure. Following this, the LPG passes through a shell and tube heat exchanger, where water at ambient temperature (>15°C) converts liquid LPG into vapour through conduction. Due to the high boiling point, heavier hydrocarbons settle down in the liquid trap, and the converted vapour LPG passes through an inbuilt pressure regulating station consisting of a regulator, slam shut-off valve and filter. The Heaterless Vapouriser has a dual standby system, which means there is a backup for every major component.  

Why it is used


  • Cost Effective

    Based on the HLV capacity, avail average annual savings of Rs. 4.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs (100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr) on account of negligible electrical energy usage.
  • Clean & Sustainable

    Since electricity is used negligibly, you can have huge benefits with a reduced carbon footprint. Typically, a 100 kg/hr HLV reduces 60 MT carbon footprint annually. 
  • Lower Maintenance

    The stainless-steel coil and brass baffles in HLV reduce corrosion and scaling, leading to lower maintenance.
  • Safe & Reliable

    Duly approved by PESO and trouble-free operation due to lower temperature and optimal operating pressure and safer than electrical vaporizers due to the absence of an electrical heater.  

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