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Switch to LPG for industries

Switch to LPG for a plethora of benefits

Conversion to LPG in industries never seems easier enough

Industrial fuel conversion for utmost profitability

Switch to LPG for your industry, the efficient, effective &

cleaner fuel for both environmental & personal benefits!

Do you own a business connected to a fuel grid? Are you tired of high fuel costs? Have you been trying to switch to a more efficient fuel? Say no to global warming and switch to LPG today for better efficiency and lowered heating bills. Compared to other fuels, LPG emits lesser harmful chemicals, making it a much cleaner fuel. LPG is a highly reliable, safe, and multi-tasking energy source, making the conversion to LPG in the industry quite advantageous. Another benefit of choosing LPG over other off-grid heating options is its hassle-free installation process in industrial fuel conversion. 

Conversion Process

How to Convert to LPG from Other Fuels

It's hassle-free process from SUPERGAS

  • Get in touch with us for your requirements

    Call us or send us a query through the online form for a detailed discussion.

  • Our experts will meet you in person

    Our team of experts pay a visit to you for further assistance. Just let us know your query and we will deliver you eligible solution.

  • Documentation and payment

    Read the documentation and payment terms carefully in support with our representative to start the installation process.

  • We deliver the right solution

    As per the agreement, we select the best out of our wide range of LPG installation services and supply starts once the installation completed.

LPG Vs Other Fuels


A higher calorific value

Does not produce any smoke

Does not have a solid residue

Does not emit harmful gases on burning

Easy and safer to store than other fuels

Low ignition point

It has a controllable combustion

It burns at a moderate rate

Highly Eco-friendly

Better for health as there are no harmful gas emissions


 Produces harmful emissions and residue

Increasing price due to increased demand

Diesel is cruder and messier

Diesel production requires large farmlands which damages the land

Higher contamination during storage

Exhaust fumes can seriously harm and even kill people exposed to it


Higher installation cost

Expensive running or energy costs

Higher maintenance costs

More restricted to boiler usage only

Oil is naturally toxic, releases carbon dioxide

Oil containers are not compact and not easy to access

Hard to detect leakage, which makes it less safe to use and store


It is a non-renewable resource

Coal contains maximum CO2 per BTU

Severely harmful environmental, social, health and safety impacts

The high cost of transportation

Coal ash is difficult to dispose 

Coal emissions cause asthma and lung cancer


Electricity heating has a higher maintenance cost

Causes dry air in the environment

Highly potential to fires

Emits dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

Reduced moisture in the air can cause respiratory disorders

Highly expensive and inefficient

Electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal and petroleum which is most polluting



 Dependent on weather and availability of sunlight

Installation is expensive

Inefficient for heating

Requires a lot of storage space

Consumes more time for heating

Why opt for SUPERGAS

Why one should rely on SUPERGAS

What makes us stand apart from others

  • One Stop Solution

    From System Design to Engineering and Annual Maintenance, SUPERGAS takes care of everything when you convert to LPG (from other fuels). Once our team of experts is familiar with your requirements, you can sit back and relax as they take of everything
  • Assured quality, every time

    SUPERGAS uses superior Straight Run grade LPG which is free from heavier hydrocarbons and other impurities. This, in turn, enhances the final product quality and lowers the maintenance of the combustion system. Your conversion to our LPG in the industry is enhancing your productivity multifold.
  • Uninterrupted supply

    With access to 7 terminals and more than 20 operational filling plants, SUPERGAS ensures a seamless supply of LPG. In addition to that is the dedicated fleet of tankers and delivery trucks with the best in-house supply chain management systems in place
  • Training and safety

    SHV Energy N.V., the parent organization of SUPERGAS, emphasizes very much on safety which is imbibed in its working and value system. It strives to demonstrate both its customers and other stakeholders about the importance of safety and the safety measures that need to be understood

Manifold Installations

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Customer Testimonial

Customer Talk

A structured and well-organized company to be your energy supplier, SUPERGAS has helped us switch to a more convenient and green fuel LPG from HSD (High Speed Diesel). It has benefitted us in terms of reduced cost and carbon footprint. We are immensely satisfied with their supplies and services, and icing on the cake is their value added safety training and mock drill sessions. Trust this enriching association with SUPERGAS continues with the win-win situation for us and them.