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Industrial LPG

Impact of LPG as Boiler Fuel

Switching to LPG from Furnace Oil

A case study of a customer’s journey towards sustainability by transitioning from Furnace Oil to LPG for boiler applications in their oncology drug manufacturing process.



In this case study, we explore how a leading oncology drug manufacturer, dedicated to pioneering third-generation chemotherapeutics worldwide, confronted quality challenges within their R&D and production lines. The solution sought not only had to improve quality issues but also had to embed sustainability, ensuring long-term value. By implementing a strategic intervention tailored to their high-precision needs, the client achieved a significant improvement in product quality, underpinning their commitment to sustainable practices in the competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

Role of LPG in Boiler Application

Boilers play a crucial role in pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially for steam generation. This steam is essential for various processes, including sterilization, distillation, drying, heating, and reaction control. The fuel source used in the boiler can significantly impact the quality of the product.

Unlike fuels like coal or heavy oil, LPG burns cleaner, releasing fewer pollutants and particulates, which minimizes the risk of contamination during steam generation. LPG provides efficient and controllable combustion, allowing for precise regulation of steam temperature.  LPG minimize the risk of thermal decomposition or other undesirable reactions that can degrade the quality or potency of pharmaceutical products.

Benefits of Partnering with SUPERGAS

The partnership between the customer and SUPERGAS was forged from a mutual commitment to sustainability and superior product quality. Initially hesitant due to cost concerns, the customer re-engaged with SUPERGAS upon recognizing the need for a cleaner fuel alternative to meet their goal of sustainable manufacturing processes.

SUPERGAS proposed a strategic solution by replacing the customer’s 2.8 MT Forbes Marshall boilers powered by furnace oil with an innovative LPG system featuring 12 X 450 Maxima installations and a heaterless vaporizer. This switch not only aligned with the customer’s environmental objectives but also ensured consistent product quality and operational cost benefits, marking a significant step towards sustainable, high-efficiency manufacturing.

    Operational Impact Study

While Using Furnace Oil After Switching to LPG 
1 Kg of FO produced only 12.30 kgs of Steam.  1Kg of LPG system produced 16.30Kgs of Steam, which resulted in increased productivity.  
Increased maintenance cost due to carbon deposits from the oil   Significant reduction in their maintenance cost as LPG is a clean-burning fuel.
Only 60MT of CO2 is saved annually  Over 550MT of CO2 is saved, resulting in clean and healthy workplace environment.