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Aerosol Grade LPG

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Aerosol Grade LPG


Our customer is a is a state-of-the-art Aerosols Contract Research & Manufacturing Services Organization, built upon strong foundations of Latest Technology, Streamlined Processes and Top Talent.


  • Unable to find quality LPG in Aerosol Grade
  •  Maintaining required pressure as per the product requirement

There was an inherent need of a solution to help the customer with a solution that is of the proper LPG grade for quality output.


Their major objective was to have a customized LPG of aerosol grade without compromising on

  • Product Quality
  • Cost benefits

Since their requirement and consumption were very high, we suggested our bulk installation.

Our bulk installation uses state of the art technology with safety as the key priority. All materials used in the process are IS certified (IS 2825) for a longer lifespan, tougher work environments and enhanced safety.  For flawless operations, sturdy Pipes, SWRF Flanges, Socket Weld Elbows and Tees, Metallic Gaskets and Poly Urethane Paint are used.


  • Turnkey solutions for bulk installation were provided and executed in a timely manner
  • On time servicing has really improved customer output
  • Quality product as we started using customised aerosol grade LPG

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