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Heat Treatment & Steam Generation Applications

LPG for Industry | Case Study

Humble yet powerful,

LPG fits Heat Treatment & Steam Generation Applications like the right sock.

Heat Treatment & Steam Generation Applications  

New Build- advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as environmental impact 

LPG for New Build: Heat Treatment & Steam Generation Applications


Our customer is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, and a host of related products, which include Potassium Iodide, Sodium Iodide, Potassium Bromide, Calcium Iodide and Trimethylsulfoxonium iodide. They had the requirement of fuel for their gas-fired boiler and rotary kiln furnace. 

The challenges thought of by the customer before deciding to proceed with LPG:

The customer was not sure of the uninterrupted supply of LPG as one cannot store LPG for more than a specified storage. 

  •  Due to the high consumption of LPG and the criticality of applications, the customer did not want to deal with LPG dealers/franchisees as they were not confident regarding service, technical knowledge, and professionalism. 
  • Technically sound and safe LPG installations
  • To handle the high nos. of LOT cylinders and electrical vapouriser cost was a concern point for the customer. 
  • As the consumption of LPG was high, the customer was sceptical about placing an order automatically and getting ensured that the order had been placed and delivery accordingly would be done. 
  • On the lookout for advanced technology and efficient installation to reduce workforce involvement. 
  • Good quality of LPG to maintain required pressure and flow.

SUPERGAS’s approach:

We suggested LPG’s tangible and intangible benefits and offered 2 X 30 33 KG LPG manifold installation to take care of their consumption. The customer was impressed by the approach of SUPERGAS, technical knowledge, dedicated team for technical as well as customer service and SUPERGAS’s products and services, and our offer covered all of the challenges they were facing i.e., fewer nos. of cylinders to handle, direct supply and no dealer/franchisee involved, placement of order through IVRS as well as benefits by using LPG.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS:

  •  Clean and soot-free burning
  • Increased life of equipment and burners - Nil maintenance to date 
  • Instantly controllable flame temperature 
  • Easy to avoid scaling and decarburizing of parts. 
  • Sulphur-free emissions and more environmentally desirable 
  • High combustion efficiency 
  • No carbon deposition at the furnace