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Industrial LPG

LPG for industry | Case Study

Hot Dip Galvanizing Application

The pre-heating time needed is minimal with LPG,reducing the galvanization time

Conversion from FO to LPG- Galvanized steel with LPG offers many benefits: it's proven, honest, sustainable & more

Hot Dip Galvanizing Application 

The esteemed customer: 

SUPERGAS is pleased to be associated with this customer, one of India's largest barbed wire manufacturers. They are a leading & respected steel wire and wire product brand. Operating since 2005, they used Furnace Oil for wire annealing and galvanizing process.

The challenges faced by the customer pre-conversion to LPG:

  • Intimation to PESO & License for storage above 40 KL 
  • Operation & maintenance of heaters, pumps & hoses 
  • Fuel safety 
  • Separate manpower requirements to monitor FO due to its viscosity drop during each season 
  • Regulations from PCB 
  • Health issues for all the employees because of smoke generated due to the burning of FO and unhealthy environment in the plant
  • They were facing unplanned shutdowns leading to a loss in productivity due to breakdowns caused due to usage of FO 

Solution offered: 

The SUPERGAS team suggested LPG as a viable fuel for them and offered our 4X450 KG Maxima installation to cover their consumption. The customer was mightily impressed by how we handled the entire project from inception and execution till the handover.

Benefits of partnering with SUPERGAS: 

1. Better End-Product  

 I.  Direct firing 
 II. Instantly controllable flame temperature, which was difficult with FO usage 
 III. Uniform temperature  
 IV. Less rejection rate in the daily produced finished goods 
 V. Increased heat transfer efficiency due to high calorific value of LPG

2. Reduced Maintenance & Higher Productivity

 I.  Cleaner burning and foot-free combustion- no Pilferage, adulteration, or spillage observed in the plant 
 II. Maintenance free-burners- increased the life of burners drastically as they were facing severe problems 
 III. Corrosion-free heating chambers 
 IV. Pollution-free environment inside and outside the plant 
 V. Manpower is not required due to the automated changeover and ordering system 
 VI. Reduction in the fuel consumption per month- initially, the FO requirement was 35KL/Month, whereas the current LPG requirement is 25 MT/Month

3. Carbon Footprint Reduction 


Carbon Footprint Parameters   FO (KL)    LPG (MT) 
 Monthly fuel consumption   350000   250000 
 Calorific value/kg   9490   11800 
 Total calorific value   332150000   296250000 
 Production - kg CO2/100000 Kcal   33   25 
 Carbon footprint   109609.5   74062.5 
 Monthly carbon footprint saved (KG)   -   35547 
 Yearly carbon footprint saved (kg)   -   426564