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Steam Generation Application

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Conversion Assistance: Steam Generation Application 


Our customer is engaged in manufacturing and exporting all types of Jute & Jute allied products, Woven & Non-Woven Jute Geotextiles, Treated Fabric-Rot Proofs, Fire Retardants, Jute products for Interior Decoration and Packaging of Industrial and Agricultural Produce. The organisation has an experience of over 64 years in the Jute industry and are running large Jute manufacturing units.

Challenges Faced Before Conversion:

  • Uncertainty in Quality: The quality of the Furnace oil was not suitable for their boiler for regular operation. The boiler capacity was 1MT & even though it was hardly capable enough to give a Steam Flow of 800KG/Hr, sufficient enough to cater to their requirements.
  • High Steam to Fuel Ratio:  It has been observed that the Steam Fuel Ratio was going up most of the time due to inefficiency in the system. They were getting appx – 11-12Kg Steam/ 1Kg FO usage.
Steam Generation- Kg/Hr Fuel flow- Ltrs/Hr Steam: Fuel
Earlier Consumption appx. (Taken a few data points) 597 53 11.26
712 59 12.07
524 62 8.45
820 55 14.91
590 53 11.13
Average Steam to Fuel Ratio 11.6
  • High Break Down & Maintenance: They used to undertake weekly maintenance to reduce the breakdown Count.
  • High Cost of the Alternative Fuel:  Apart from FO, the other Liquid Fuel options like LDO or LSHS were costlier as per the Operational & Stem to Fuel ratio aspects.

Solution Offered:

Considering the LPG consumption, usage & availability of space, we offered 2X30 SLOT with an Electrical vaporiser and CGMS Plus (Continuous Gas Monitoring System). All the Safety Audits, Trainings & AMC have been taken care of by the SUPERGAS team.

Benefits & advantages after the conversion:

  • High Steam to Fuel Ratio: Steam to fuel ratio has gone up to 19KG Steam Generation/ 1Kg LPG
  • Low Steam Cost: After the fuel cost shooting up, the Steam Cost comes to around Rs.4-4.5/KG, whereas it could have been Rs.5/KG if it were running in FO
  • The efficiency of the boiler: Boiler Efficiency has gone up & it is able to give 900KG/Hr steam flow when it is running at full load
  • Maintenance: The number of Break Downs & Down Time Loss has been reduced after the conversion. Even the Boiler start-up time has also gone down substantially
  • Carbon Footprint: After the conversion, they were able to reduce the CO2 emissions by 853MT in 1 year, which is 25% less as compared to earlier CO2 emissions
  • Auto Ordering Facility: With the EACD Plus system, the customer need not be worried about the ordering & inventory as the auto-order is being generated by the EACD Plus system

Steam Cost Calculator:

Description FO Fired Boiler LPG Fired Boiler
The efficiency of the 750kg/hr Boiler 75% 92%
Steam to fuel Ratio 12.01 18.01
Feed Water Temperature 95 95
Current Avg Fuel Cost Rs.65/Ltr Rs.80/Ltr
Cost to generate 1kg of Steam Rs.5.42 Rs.4.55
Net Savings Rs.0.87