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Switch to cleaner, more efficient, and effective fuel for bread baking application- HSD to LPG.

Bread Baking


Traditionally, the term “bread processing” was used by high-speed bakers to assess the contribution of moulding or makeup stages of dough to the manufacture of bread. Today, it’s a broader term describing the overall manufacturing process of bread and buns. It consists of a series of steps, including mixing, fermentation, makeup, proofing, baking, cooling, slicing, and packaging. Bread is a product of baking a mixture of flour, water, salt, yeast, and other ingredients. The basic process involves mixing ingredients until the flour is converted into a stiff paste or dough, followed by baking the dough into a loaf. Due to their critical role, these processes must be carefully operated to meet pre-set conditions and specifications.

LPG ovens provide heat that is gradually transferred from the surface of cakes, cookies, and bread to the center, and as heat travels through, it transforms batters and doughs into baked goods with a firm, dry crust and a softer center.

The advantages of using LPG-powered ovens over HSD-powered ovens for Bread-Baking:


  • Easy and user-friendly controls
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Maximum reliability and safety assured


  • It makes use of clean energy that is environmentally friendly
  • LPG is a cheap, available, and easily transportable fuel source for bakers and baking different products
  • LPG’s fast heating speed ensures improved bread quality and good heat preservation

Here are a few benefits observed by the industrial customers after switching to LPG from HSD for Bread-Baking:

Sr. No. Attributes of comparison  Observation after firing on LPG 
 1  The smoky atmosphere in the plant  Vanished
 2  Soot formation  Stopped
 3  Overall maintenance cost  Reduced drastically
 4  Fuel-saving  Immense
 5  Life of equipment and spares  Increased
 6  Heat circulation  Better and even throughout the oven

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