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FAQ-LPG for Industry

Industrial LPG Requirement

We are having 3 types of cylinders 1.VOT (Vapor off Take) 2.LOT (Liquid off Take) 3.Maxima cylinders (450 kg)
LPG has been proved to be efficient and economical in these applications, when they are converted from HSD or any other liquid fuels to LPG. Only burner need to be changed to LPG fired burner, existing appliances and equipment can be converted to LPG with slight modifications. This will be taken care by our approved OEMS.
High Savings in terms of cost, nil maintenance, No soot formation – high heat transfer efficiency, Increase of Production rate, nil down time of production these are some of the common advantages. Once you convert to LPG from SUPERGAS you will be getting undaunted support and uninterrupted supply thereby increasing productivity.
Based on the Burner, space availability and consumption pattern, location of customer, we will be providing the suitable Manifold size to the customer.
No, we cannot maintain the LPG manifold in underground or on the roof top. Which is violation of safety guidelines and very unsafe incase of any emergency the cylinders cannot be evacuated immediately.
Depending on the space and consumption there are two types of installations
1. Cylinder manifold installation (consumption up to < 100 MT/Month)
2. Bulk installation (consumption more than 100 MT/Month)
Yes we can use the same manifold but prior to that our technical team will inspect about all safety aspects and give a clearance.
The pressure outcome from VOT, LOT & Maxima will be approximately 6.5-7 Kg/cm2


Heater less Vaporizer (HLV) is the energy saving equipment and it is the efficient replacement of the conventional vaporizer. This works on the principle of thermodynamics. HLVs are safer and are long lasting equipment. High electricity savings, immediate start, reduction in carbon foot print.
Continuous Gas Monitoring System (CGMS) plus is a gas detection system with multiple gas sensors which monitors the concentration of LPG in the atmosphere and gives warning much before the explosive limit. Simultaneously using the inbuilt modem warning SMS will be sent to 10 registered mobile numbers.
A good LPG combustion system always optimizes the consumption of fuel. Liquid trap ensures separation of heavy components from LPG vapours, improves quality of combustion and safety of installation. Heavy hydrocarbons accumulate at the bottom of the liquid trap which is periodically drained out. Liquid trap ensures clean, uninterrupted and efficient combustion even during winter.
EACD stands for Electronic Auto Change over Device, this enables automatic shifting of the LPG manifold as and when an LPG cylinder gets emptied and also gives signal to concerned operator so that he can place order through IVRS.
Maxima cylinders is equal to 14 no’s of 33kg cylinders. It occupies less space, less no. of joints, easy handling, and more Safer. It can support up to 60 MT of customers LPG requirement per month.
SRV is Safety Relief Valve which releases excess pressure exerted on the cylinder where as TRV is Thermal Relief Valve which releases the pressure if exceeds set pressure in LPG carrying pipeline
We supply two types of vaporizers 1.Electrical vaporizer 2.Heater less vaporizer. Electrical vaporizer depends on electricity to generate heat and convert the liquid to vapor while for a heater less vaporizer it's the principle of thermodynamics.
No we supply Mass flow meter only for LPG/ Propane.


Yes we provide AMC for all kind of installation including VOT manifold, LOT manifold, MAXIMA manifold, Bulk installation.
Yes we provide safety training, operational training, class room training, practical training and mock drills. We are strongly committed to safety and we believe in extending the same to our stakeholders. In BOM model, safety training is a part of the agreement while in Projects and services; safety training will come under the external AMC agreement.
Yes we will be providing one stop solution to our customers, in the way guiding customers for aligning suitable OEM for combustion system, and suitable LPG solution for their needs. 
Yes, we provide the safety training and AMC for Non SUPERGAS customers also, for that we will be on chargeable basis. Please provide your contact details so that our sales person will contact and assist you.
Yes, we provide AMC services of LPG manifold where our expert technicians do preventive and breakdown maintenance of manifold and we also do Safety audit and provide safety training to all concerned persons.
We have dedicated IVRS system for our customers for delivery management and we have a dedicated and responsive customer service also. 
No. However, we have a good tie up with OEM like Thermax, Wesman, Riello, and Taikisha Engineering & Others. We arrange for joint meeting for one window solution. We pride ourselves in being the end to end solution providers for our customers. 
Yes we will supply LPG for the seasonal period.  Bayer Bioscience Pvt Ltd is one of our premier customers to whom we supply on a seasonal basis. 
We understand that even a minute of dry outs will lead to huge business loss. We are committed in providing seamless solutions for our customers. Hence we always propose & provide stand by solution for the LPG installation which will take care during break down, so that the down time will be nil. Our technician will attend this break down on war footing basis.
Yes, you can call us directly on our dedicated contact numbers or our sales or service engineer at any point of time. They initially guide you to stop the leakage and also take immediate remedial action.


We at SUPER GAS provide competitive pricing and the price will be depended on market where end user located. Price changes every month. The price which we quote includes the transportation; GST for LPG is 18% which came into existence since April 1st-2017
The cost the HLV/CGMS will depend on various parameters. Please provide the contact details to our sales team. The concerned Account Manager will contact you and will assist you based on your requirements.
There are many direct and indirect costs will be involved, directly you can save tentatively up to 30 % if converted to LPG and apart from this there are many intangible benefits and you could save indirect cost also if you convert from HSD.  Please provide your contact details so that our account manager can guide you for any other clarifications or doubts.
Monthly Rental Charges contribute to the cost of purchasing, testing, maintaining and replacing parts for LPG Manifold cylinders system used to supply you with LPG.
SUPERGAS will invest in your premises on BOM basis. If you choose to opt for Projects and services, SUPERGAS will provide the technical backing and commission the installation. The customer has to purchase the same at the end of the project. The investment for BOM and Projects and services will vary based on your requirements.
AMC cost depends on package you opt. For a BOM (Build-Own-Maintain) based installation, AMC will fall under our purview. For Projects and Services, it will be a separate entity. Please provide the contact details, our Account managers will contact and guide you.
We have a complete turnkey solution, we request you to provide the contact details to our sales team. Our Account Manager will get in touch with you and explain you in detail based on your requirements.
That depends completely on the requirement of the customer. On a case to case basis, the cost will change.


Typical vaporization rate of the cylinder is 500gms/hr.
The number of fire extinguishers completely depends on the LPG capacity and usage.
1) For 40 - 200 kg LPG: 2 No fire extinguisher (10Kg)
2) For 200 - 320 kg LPG: 3 NOS fire extinguisher (10kg)
3) For 320 - 1000 kg LPG: 4 no fire extinguisher (10kg)
Generally vaporizer capacity or size is calculated on peak LPG requirement of the customer after adding all the equipment.
The GCV of LPG is 11850 K.Cal/Kg.
The requirement is determined after calculating your consumption and it's on a case to case basis. Please provide the contact details to our sales team. Our account manager will contact you and will guide you.
In case of any emergency it will be easy to evacuate the cylinders to safe place.
85% of storage capacity is filled with LPG 15% is left free as LPG gets evaporated. This is to account for the volume of expansion of LPG.
The percentage of gas leftover will be approximately 1%
The adiabatic flame temperature of LPG is around 1970 Deg C. It's used on applications that require 1700 Deg C. So LPG can heat as low as 40 Deg C to as high as 1970 Deg C.
Yes, we are a pre approved company by PESO and we strictly adhere to the IS guidelines. Safety is our core promise and these guidelines are very important for the same.